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Good Value Set Lunch at Niku Kappo ION Orchard

Niku Kappo by Watami is a casual Japanese diner. The restaurant’s main focus is its Wagyu beef offerings and its dishes include meat sushi and meat hot pot. We were attracted by the affordable set lunch at Niku Kappo.

Niku Kappo by Watami at ION Orchard
Niku Kappo by Watami

Located in Basement 3 of ION Orchard, Niku Kappo looks like a typical Japanese casual restaurant. The dining area is quite spacious and tables are reasonably well spaced out.

Niku Kappo ION Orchard
Niku Kappo ION Orchard

Niku Kappo Menu

According to Niku Kappo’s website, Kappo “is a word to describe a Traditional Style of Cooking, that requires meticulous effort and dedication. Cuisine made by hand and effort“. The menu offers a wide range of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine, from ramen, sushi and sashimi to tapas, pizza and steaks. Below are pictures a few pages of the a la carte menu.

Niku Kappo Menu
Niku Kappo Menu
Niku Kappo Menu

Niku Kappo Set Lunch Menu

Niku Kappo offers various set menus but the lunch time sets are very reasonably priced and offer good value. The selection of lunch time sets is wide and varied. The pictures of the lunch time menu below will give a good idea of the range of affordable set lunch available in Niku Kappo.

Niku Kappo Value Lunch Menu
Niku Kappo Lunch Time Menu
Niku Kappo Lunch Time Menu
Niku Kappo Value Set Lunch Menu

Niku Kappo Value Set Lunch

We visited Niku Kappo for lunch recently. We ordered the Wagyu Sukiyaki Rice Set ($13.90) and Wagyu Nikomi Rice Set ($12.90). The sets include salad, miso soup and a drink. We also ordered the Mt Fuji Nabe ($14.90).

Wagyu Sukiyaki Rice Set

Wagyu Sukiyaki Rice was served in a hot stone pot. The rice was topped with rare beef and an egg. We were to cook the beef and the egg by mixing them with the rice. Some sauce was provided to be poured over the rice. The end result was a bit like eating claypot rice; and there were charred rice bits on the inside of the pots. It was a good dish.

Wagyu Nikomi Rice Set

Wagyu Nikomi Rice was also beef and onsen egg on top of rice. Unlike the Wagyu Sukiyaki Rice, the Wagyu Nikomi RiIt was ready to eat when served. The beef was well seasoned and cooked just right. The Wagyu Nikomi Rice was delecious.

Mt Fuji Nabe

The Mt Fuji Nabe was an interesting dish where we had to do some work. It was a hot pot dish with a unique presentation. Slices of beef and pork were wrapped around beansprouts and vegetables to represent Mt Fuji. We thought it looked more like a volcano of sort.

Mt Fuji Nabe at Niku Kappo ION Orchard

The Mt Fuji was set in a sea of rich broth with more vegetables. Noodles were also provided on a side plate. Once cooked, there was an interesting mix of flavours and it was an enjoyable dish. The portion was large for one person. Fortunately, there was quite a lot of vegetables. Thus, even though we ate a lot we could console ourselves by saying we ate plently of healthy greens.

Good Food Good Value

We enjoyed our lunch at Niku Kappo. The quality of the food was good and the dining space was pleasant. The affordable lunch sets are great value. Niku Kappo must be one of the best spots in Orchard Road for a good reasonably priced Japanese lunch.

Mt Fuji Nabe at Niku Kappo ION Orchard

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Niku Kappo
ION Orchard #B3-23,
2 Orchard Turn,
Singapore 238801

Tel: +65 6509 9366

Opening Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Nearby MRT Station: Orchard


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