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Our visit to Nayuki VivoCity (奈雪の茶) bakery cafe for cheese tea and silly choco sesame buns

Nayuki VivoCity (奈雪の茶) is such a popular bakery cafe. We saw a long queue at the shop when we were there recently. Curiosity got the better of us. From the name, the cafe layout and the bread, we thought it was a Japanese cafe. Or maybe Taiwanese, because of its range of fancy teas. We were wrong on both counts. We later learnt from Retail News Asis (China’s cheese tea bakery Nayuki opens in Singapore) that it is a Chinese brand introduced to Singapore via a JV between Breadtalk and the Shenzhen company.

Nayuki is described as an “Euro-Soft Boulangerie & Artisanal Tea Café”. There was a lovely spread of different types of bread on display. Here are pictures some of the more interesting ones.

Silly Choco Sesame buns ($3 each)
Dark Orea Mystique ($5.80 each)

Strawberry Blush Mystique ($6.80)

In addition to the bread, the other attraction at Nayuki VivoCity was the tea selection – supreme fruit tea, cheese tea pearl milk tea and cheese fruit tea. What caught our eye were the cheese teas. Cheese and tea sounds like a weird combination. But we saw so many customers going for it. So many people can’t be wrong, right? We decided to try the most basic one – Cheese Jasmine Tippy Tea ($4.50) to go with the cutest bun – silly choco sesame ($3).

Nayuki VivoCity Tea Menu

Nayuki Silly Choco Sesame Bun

The food and drinks at Nayuki VivoCity are all packaged for takeaway. There is a small dining area at the back where customers can consume their purchases after paying for and collecting them at the cashier. We like the paper inserts for each tray used to collect the bread. So many bakeries do not provide them nowadays.

The Nayuki Silly Choco Sesame Bun looks so adorable. It is quite a large bun coated with chocolate and stuffed with black sesame filling. It tasted as good as it looks. The amount of sesame filling used was generous. No crockery was provided, only a glove to be used by dine-in customers.

Nayuki Cheese Jasmine Tea

How does cheese tea taste like? Not as bad as it sounds. The cheese used was very mild. Only when we tasted the cheese directly did we get a soft cheese taste. Once the cheese that floats at the top was stirred and mixed with the tea, it was like cream without any detectable cheese flavour. It was a pleasant Jasmine tea with cream. All in all, Nayuki VivoCity bakery cafe is a nice place, except that it was so crowded and the cramped conditions did not do justice to the lovely bread and drinks.

Nayuki Cheese Tea

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Nayuki VivoCity (奈雪の茶)
1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-207
Singapore 098585

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