99 Food Bazaar at Lifelong Learning Institute

99 Food Bazaar is a new eatery which has just opened for business at the Lifelong Learning Institute. It offers Penang style Nasi Kandar and Bamboo Biryani.

99 Food Bazaar

Ninety Nine Bistro & Kitchen was operating on level 1 of the Lifelong Learning Institute offering Nasi Padang, Nasi Biryani as well as Western dishes. It was, however, probably best known for its bamboo biryani. Ninety Nine Bistro & Kitchen closed its doors for good a few months back. In its place, we now have 99 Food Bazaar.

The signbaords have changed. Otherwise, the place looks the same as before except that it is no longer air-conditioned.

Menu of 99 Food Bazaar

The signature bamboo biryani of Ninety Nine Bistro & Kitchen is on the menu 99 Food Bazaar. However, instead of Nasi Padang, 99 Food Bazaar now serves Nasi Kandar.

Both Nasi Padang and Nasi Kandar refer to a meal of steamed rice served with a variety of dishes and curries. Nasi Padang originates from Padang in Indonesia. Nasi Kandar is popularised in Penang and Northern Malaysia by Indian Muslim traders from India and the dishes have a mix of Indian and Malay influence.

The menu boards list the dishes available and their prices. However, you can just go up to the counter and point out what you want.

Nasi Kandar with biryani rice

We went to 99 Food Bazaar for a Nasi Kandar lunch. We asked for Biryani Rice ($2.50, where plain rice would be $1) and selected Ayam Tiga Rasa ($3.50), Bergedil ($2) and Sayur Loleh ($1) for the first plate of rice. We had Curry Chicken ($3.50) and Vegetable ($1) for the second plate. A cup of coffee was $1.20.

The serving portion was quite generous. Ayam Tiga Rasa means chicken with three flavours. The chicken cooked with chilli and tamarind had a nice combination of spiciness, sourness and sweetness. It was quite enjoyable. The Bergedil was not bad.

The curry chicken was not too spicy and the sauce was rich and creamy. The simple curry chicken was quite nice though the ayam tiga rasa would provide more excitement for the palate.

Good Variety but not Cheap

The prices at 99 Food Bazaar are not low considering that you will be eating in a place that is like a non-airconditioned cafeteria. However, they have a good selection of dishes – from fish and prawns to mutton and beef. It is also good that we now can go to Eunos instead of Penang to enjoy Nasi Kandar.

Food: 3
Service: NA
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

99 Food Bazaar
Lifelong Learning Institute, #01-02,
11 Eunos Road 8
Singapore 408601

Tel: +65 8319 9938

Opening Hours:
11:00 am to 3:00 pm
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Paya Lebar


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