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OmoOmo Kallang Wave – Korean Fusion Fast Food

OmoOmo describes itself as a Korean fusion restaurant which aims to fuse Korean flavours and cooking techniques with other cuisines to create unique dishes that will surprise your taste buds. We had a meal at OmoOmo Food Concepts Kallang Wave to find out if there would be real surprises like some of the plot twists in K-Pop music videos.

OmoOmo Food Concepts Kallang Wave
OmoOmo Food Concepts Kallang Wave

OmoOmo is in several locations and have outlets in Downtown East, Northpoint City, Star Vista and Suntec City. They are listed as Halal-certified eating establishments in the website of MUIS. OmoOmo Food Concepts Kallang Wave is a self-service fast food restaurant. Orders are made at the touch-screen kiosks and you collect your food when the number on your receipt appears on the big wall-mounted screens.

OmoOmo Kallang Wave

OmoOmo Menu

OmoOmo offers rice bowls, ramen, steaks and sides. You can opt for the various dishes with cute names on the menu or you can design your bowls.

For $5 more, you can make the meal a set with one side of your choice and a soft drink or water.

OmoOmo Menu
OmoOmo Menu

OmoOmo have special items on their menu from time to time. Currently, there is a Kare Don menu.

OmoOmo New Menu

Rice Bowls & Chicken Steak at OmoOmo

We went to OmoOmo Kallang Wave for dinner and ordered a rice bowl named “Dear Ebi” ($9.50) and Soy Garlic Chicken Steak ($11.90). We also decided to try the new Kare Don and opted for the OMO Remix ($12).

OMO Dear Ebi
Dear Ebi

“Dear Ebi” was of unsurprisingly rice topped with ebi or prawns. The surprise was that the breaded and deep fried shrimps sat on top of a kimchi omelette and Bibimbab sauce was used instead of tonkatsu sauce or tartar sauce. It was an interesting combination which turned out well. We enjoyed Dear Ebi and thought it was the best dish of the meal.

Dear Ebi
Soy Garlic Chicken Steak
Soy Garlic Chicken Steak

The Soy Garlic Chicken Steak was served in a metal tray which reminded us of cookhouse food during the days of national service. The chicken was definitely better than anything we remembered from the army cookhouse. The potato wedges deserved a special mention – soft pillows on the inside and crispy on the outside. Overall, the Soy Garlic Chicken Steak dish was a bit like the tray it was served on – functional but nothing remarkable.

OMO Remix
OMO Remix

The OMO Remix Kare Don looked good and had many ingredients – including ebi, chicken cutlet, pumpkin croquette onsen egg and Japanese style curry. There was nothing wrong with the dish or any of the ingredients. However, it was not fusion cuisine in the sense that it was a blend of diverse culinary traditions resulting in a new distinct dish. There were clearly Korean elements in the OMO Remix and distinctly Japanese elements but it was like they just happened to be in the same bowl. There was no combination which resulted in something new or different.

In the end there was no surprise or plot twist to our meal at OmoOmo Kallang Wave. The food was well prepared and nice enough but there was no innovative fusion which resulted in something new and exciting. Everything was sort of as expected – which is not a bad thing.

Food: 3
Service: NA
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

OmoOmo Food Concepts Kallang Wave
1 Stadium Place
Kallang Wave Mall, #01-40
Singapore 397628

Tel: +65 6702 1835

Opening Hours: 11.30 am – 10 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Stadium


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