The Green Ducklings – plain chicken to beautiful prawn (Closed)

The Green Ducklings cafe on Beach Road

The Green Ducklings at The Concourse on Beach Road is a lovely bakery café where almost everything is made fresh on the premises. The owners-bakers-chefs-baristas will make and serve their own unique versions of pasta, sandwiches, cakes & pastries, coffee & tea, juice and milkshakes.

The Green Ducklings at The Concourse on Beach Road

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The Green Ducklings Cafe

Why the name “green ducklings”? The cafe’s Facebook page explains.

It refers to the ducklings principle of being adventurous with little to fear, even though they may still be ‘wobbling around’. They are considered young in this industry but they strongly believe in “we never try we never know”.

The ducklings have done a good job in creating a cosy inviting space. You can see that the owners have added their own personal touches to the place. They even painted the chairs themselves. The interior design is simple, relying on the use of soothing colours to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness. It has a homely feel.

The Green Ducklings Menu

The Green Ducklings Menu is short and sweet – a few all day breakfast items and few pasta dishes and sides as well as beverages.

Besides the items on the menu, there are also cakes and pastries in the display cabinet. They also sell a variety of colourful cookies.

The Green Ducklings Menu
The Green Ducklings Menu

The prices shown on the menu are nett prices – no GST or service charge would be added to the bill. Customers can help themselves to ice water. We like the place already.

Orders and payment are made at the counter. Food and drinks are served to the table.

Plain Chicken Beautiful Prawn

We went to The Green Ducklings at The Concourse for brunch. We ordered Maple Fried Chicken Sandwich ($11.90), Cereal Prawn Carbonara ($18.90) and latte ($4 each).

The Maple Fried Chicken Sandwich was served with a good portion of salad. The sandwich itself looked very plain – like just a large piece of chicken between slices of white bread. Perhaps The Green Ducklings’ chicken sandwich was to remind us of one of the lessons of the Ugly Duckling story – not to judge something simply because of its awkward appearance. Underneath the simple white bread was nicely fried breaded chicken – crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and loaded with flavour. It was a good sandwich, though some might not like the dominating sweetness of the maple syrup.

The Cereal Prawn Carbonara was a beautiful dish. The creamy pasta was topped with a huge prawn and sprinkled with deep fried golden cereal mix. It tasted good too. There was a pleasant mix of textures. Cut chili added spiciness to the rich pasta dish and the sweet spicy combination reminded us of Thai flavours.

Dainty Cake

We had a slice of Rose Lychee Cake ($5) which looked very inviting. It was a soft and fluffy rose-scented sponge cake with lychee buttercream and fresh lychee pieces sandwiched in between. A light and delightful cake which was enjoyable with a well crafted latte.

Affordable Quality Food

The Green Ducklings Cafe opens early. It can be a good place for breakfast, especially for guests staying in one of the many hotels on Beach Road. It will also be a lovely place for weekend brunch or afternoon tea.

We enjoyed our meal at The Green Ducklings Cafe. We had quality food at affordable prices in a cosy space. The Green Ducklings may be still a little under the radar but the bakery cafe has all the good attributes to develop into a beautiful swan, not that it is an ugly duckling to start with.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

The Green Ducklings
01-06 The Concourse
302 Beach Road
Singapore 199600

Tel: +65 9664 1518

Opening Hours:
Tues – Sun: 8 am – 7 pm
Closed on Mondays

Nearby MRT Station: Nicoll Highway

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