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Grove Cafe in Singapore Post Centre (Closed)

Grove Cafe 禾素 is the new concept vegetarian cafe in Singapore Post Centre. Grove 一素 by elemen, a quick service vegetarian restaurant, was given a make-over and relaunched as Grove Cafe with a new menu offering traditional toasts and eggs and meat free one dish meals.

Grove 一素 is a quick service vegetarian restaurant
The old Grove 一素

The name of the eatery on level 1 of Singpost Centre has been changed to Grove Cafe 禾素 but not many people would have noticed because the changes to the decor and layout of the eatery had been minimal (see the photos of the old Grove 一素 above and the new Grove Cafe below).

Grove Cafe Singpost Centre
The new Grove Cafe 禾素
Grove Cafe at SingPost Centre

Grove Cafe at SingPost Centre

Menu of Grove Cafe 禾素

Grove cafe is sort of like a vegetarian version of Toastbox. The menu of Grove Cafe offers traditional Singaporean breakfast items like toasts and eggs as well as meat free one dish meals like nasi lemak, laksa and ramen. Buns and cakes are also available.

Grove Cafe Singpost Centre
Grove Cafe Menu
Menu of Grove Cafe 禾素
Menu of Grove Cafe 禾素

Lunch at Grove Cafe 禾素

We went to the new Grove Cafe 禾素 at SingPost Centre for lunch and ordered Pandan Nasi Lemak ($7.80) and Dry Kung Pao La Mian ($6.80). A cup of kopi-C $1.70. The prices included GST. There is no service charge as it is a self service eatery. You order and pay at the counter and a buzzing device will be given to you; you collect the food when the buzzer prompts you.

Coffee at Grove Cafe

The Pandan Nasi Lemak was nicely presented and came with all the usual ingredients including ikan bilis, otah, fried chicken and luncheon meat – all meat free versions of course. The “luncheon meat” tasted like deep fried tofu but otherwise the other items tasted very much like the real McCoy.

The Dry Kung Pao La Mian looked colourful and interesting. The “meat” tasted like it should be and was nice. The noodles were bit heavy and sticky; we thought there was some room for improvement in that regard. On the whole, the Dry Kung Pao La Mian was not bad but not as good as it looked.

The new Grove Café 禾素 provides meatless all day dining with a variety of toast and bun sets with eggs and simple one dish meals. We thought their nasi lemak and la mian were not bad as far as guilt free vegetarian dishes go. The casual setting of Grove Cafe is pleasant and comfortable and their prices are reasonable. We will happily eat there again, especially when we feel like having a meat free meal.

Grove Cafe 禾素
SingPost Centre #01-151
10 Eunos Road 8
Singapore 408600

Opening Hours: 11 am to 9.30 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Paya Lebar

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