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Group Therapy Cafe Katong (Closed)

Group Therapy Cafe Katong V is an outpost of the popular cafe which started business as an event space tucked away on the second storey of a small shophouse in Duxton. Group Therapy Cafe has become very popular, especially for brunch, and has also a spawn Strong Flour, a casual dining Italian restaurant which is also located in Katong V.

Group Therapy Coffee Katong

Group Therapy Cafe Katong V

A cafe can be just a refiling stop, a meeting place, a casual date spot or even a destination in its own right for the intrepid explorer. Group Therapy Cafe (GTC) in Katong V seems to tick all the boxes. You are likely to see families, often with young kids, people discussing business, students and tourists in GTC Katong.

Group Therapy Coffee Katong

Although it is located in the basement level of a mall, Group Therapy Cafe Katong still has a laidback charm with a reception area decorated like a living room of a home. It is a cosy venue for coffee or daytime dining in Katong.

Group Therapy Coffee Katong Village
Group Therapy Coffee Katong Village

Menu of Group Therapy Cafe

The menu is fairly standard – eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, pastas and a few mains. There are of course desserts and a long list of coffee and other beverages. There is also a menu for kids. Below are pictures of the GTC Katong menu.

Group Therapy Coffee Katong Menu
Group Therapy Coffee Menu
Group Therapy Coffee Menu
Group Therapy Coffee Menu

Brunch at GTC Katong

We went to Group Therapy Cafe in Katong V for brunch during a recent weekend. We ordered the Breakfast Pancakes ($18.50) and Fish & Chips ($17). A cup of black coffee was $4. No GST or service charge would be added to the menu prices.

Orders and payments are made at the counter. The food will be served to your table. You can help yourself to water and condiments from the service station.

Brunch at Group Therapy Coffee Katong
Group Therapy Coffee Fish & Chips

The Fish & Chips looked quite impressive. Two large pieces of breaded dory fish sat on a bed of French fries. Half the plate was filled with a healthy portion of greens. The fries were nice and crisp on the outside. We liked the salad dressing and the tartar sauce provided. The fish was good, with delicate white flesh and a firm flaky texture. There was nothing we did not like about GTC’s Fish & Chips.

Group Therapy Coffee Breakfast

The Breakfast Pancakes looked quite sad even with a sunny side up egg on the big plate. Perhaps we had been spoilt by the fancy plating and Instagramable presentation of pancakes in many other cafes; we were more than a bit disappointed when the GTC’s Breakfast Pancakes were served. It had everything described in the menu – 2 Pancakes, Fried Egg, Bacon and Bratwurst Sausage – so we really had no reason to complain if that were all we got on a plate. There was also nothing to complain about the taste and quality of the food. Everything was as expected in that respect.

Group Therapy Coffee Pancakes

The coffee at Group Therapy Cafe was very good – smooth and robust.

We had visited Group Therapy Cafe on a number of occasions and would likely go there again. At times, we thought their service could be friendlier but perhaps it was hard to be smiley and friendly when the cafe was very busy.

We like the fact that there is nothing too pretentious about Group Therapy Cafe Katong – whether in the decor or food plating. It is a cosy place for good coffee and quality food at reasonable prices. In fact we think it is a great cafe in Katong for a nice daytime meal, a mid-day caffeine fix or a weekend brunch, so long as you are not expecting friendly banter with the staff as a form of therapy.


Group Therapy Katong
30 East Coast Road
Katong V
Singapore 428751

Opening Hours: 8 am – 6 pm


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