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Fotia Greek Restaurant at Club Street / Gemmill Lane Singapore

Fotia Greek Restaurant is a prominent restaurant at the start of Club Street if you enter from Cross Street. Its bright orange signages at the junction with Gemmill Lane announces its presence as soon as you get there. The main restaurant is at 1 Club Street. The Fotia Souvlaki Bar is across the street along Gemmill Lane.

Fotia Greek Restaurant at Club Street
Fotia Souvlaki Ba, Gemmill Lane Singapore

Fotia Greek Restaurant at Club Street does not sport the bright white and blue decor that we have come to associate with Greek restaurants. It has opted for the bright orange on the exterior and soft blue walls inside.

Fotia Greek Restaurant at Club Street / Gemmill Lane Singapore
Fotia Greek Restaurant Menu

Here are pictures of the Fotia Club Street Menu. We selected a mixed combo platter ($57.80) and a mousaka ($21.80). The former because it seemed like good value for money and the latter because it is our favourite Greek dish which we tend to order as a matter of habit whenever we go to a Greek restaurant in Singapore or elsewhere.

Fotia Greek Restaurant Menu


The Fotia mixed combo was a large platter of two skewers of meat (beef and chicken), two kebabs (beef and lamb), fried potato, pita bread and two kinds of dips. This platter alone is enough for two people or maybe three with small appetites. The meat skewers are nicer as they are chunks of meat. The kebabs seem to be made with minced meat. The chicken skewers were the best – they were tender and their mild meat taste allowed the seasoning and herbs to shine through.

The mousaka at Fotia Greek Restaurant was served in a rustic pot which served to keep the dish warm throughout the meal. It was a well cooked mousaka but not among the best that we have tried.

1 Club Street
Singapore 069400

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: 12:00 – 22:00
Sun : 11:00 – 21:00

Nearby MRT Staions: Telok Ayer, Chinatown

Fotia Facebook

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