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Yan’s Dining Fine Shanghai Cuisine Mandarin Gallery, New Restaurant at Orchard Road

Yan’s Dining Fine Shanghai Cuisine 嬿青私房菜 is a new Chinese restaurant that opened in the Mandarin Gallery along Orchard Road recently.  Yan’s Dining Mandarin Gallery is located on level 4.  I believe it occupies part of the space that, long ago, used to house Jones the Grocer. A couple of restaurants had occupied this space during the period after Jones’ departure and Yan’s arrival.

Yan's Dining Fine Shanghai Cuisine Mandarin Gallery
Yan’s Dining Mandarin Gallery

Yan’s Dining Mandarin Gallery is done up in modern Chinese restaurant style. We found the decor to be pleasant, except for the very bright, white lighting. It does not seem like this in the pictures as the camera had automatically corrected its exposure. We would have liked it more if the lighting was softened somewhat. There are a couple of private rooms which are elegantly furnished.

Yan’s Dining Fine Mandarin Gallery (Private Room)

Yan’s Dining Mandarin Gallery Menu

Here are pictures of some pages from the Yan’s Dining Menu.  

Our lunch at Yan’s Dining Fine Shanghai Cuisine started with the Old Shanghai Delicacies Platter ($18 for 4 types of starters). This was like a sampling platter. Diners could choose which of the starters they would like. We chose the drunken chicken, stewed gluten, old Shanghai smoked fish and Jiangnan crispy eel. The two fish items were good. We would simply order these two as starters in a future visit. The other two were quite average.  

The Golden Salted Egg Prawn Balls ($28, picture above) seemed to us to be simply prawns coated with a salted egg paste. Taste-wise they were not bad, but not exceptional.

For a meat dish, we decided to try the ‘lion head’ Shanghai braised meat balls ($20, picture below). The two meat balls were smooth meat balls. They tasted fine but without texture or a distinctive taste. 


We liked the stewed chicken with ginger and wine in casserole ($26). It was a dish bursting with flavours, a result probably contributed by the generous amount of garlic used in the dish. Fortunately, we all like garlic.

Shanghai style stewed rice

The Shanghai style stewed rice ($28) was a dish highly recommended to us.  We found it a rather bland dish.  

The bright spot at lunch was the nice service staff who made sure that our teacups were never dry and messy plates refreshed. 

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Yan’s Dining Fine Shanghai Cuisine 嬿青私房菜
Mandarin Gallery #04-22 
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897

Tel: +65 6836 1188

Opening Hours:
11.30am to 3pm; 5.30pm to 10.30pm

Nearby MRT Station: Somerset


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