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$10 Set Lunch at Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza

Looking for a cheap and good lunch at a Japanese restaurant at Orchard Road? We think we may have a place for you. We tried the $10 nett set lunch at Japanese restaurant Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza and were happy with what we got. We also tried some sashimi but were not as impressed by that.

Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza
Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza
Cuppage Plaza Bubble Lifts

Cuppage Plaza is the building right behind the OG Orchard building and beside Centrepoint Orchard. Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza is situated on the ground floor and is easily located. By the way, have you noticed the connection between bubble lifts and shopping malls with “Plaza” in their names? Bukit Timah Plaza, Lucky Plaza, Far East Plaza are the others that come to mind. Perhaps they were all built in the same era (early 80s I think).

Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza
Izakaya Shinjuku Entrance

Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza is a small little restaurant. There is a small dining area with a few tatami rooms inside. The tatami rooms look quaint, like those in Japan. Diners have to remove their shoes before entry and slippers are provided. The decor also looks authentic, bottles of sake and waving cats greet visitors at the counter.

Besides the “Today’s Special Lunch Set”, Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza also has a range of set lunch combinations. Here are pictures of some of the menus and a couple of pages from the a la carte menu

Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza Menu

Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Set Lunch Set Menu
Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza

We focused on the thing that brought us into the restaurant and ordered the $10 set lunch. Unfortunately we also lost focus as we browsed through the menus. Since it was our first visit to Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza and first impressions were positive, we thought that we should try something else from the menu. We decided on a mixed sashimi platter (3 types of fish – $35). We were disappointed by what we got.

The set lunch turned out much better. A piece of grilled mackerel with salad on the side, a dish of fried bean sprouts, rice, soup and pickles. The fish was a fair size. The fried bean sprouts was a generous portion, considering the price. It tasted like the Chinese style fried bean sprouts that we are used to. Overall, a good value for money set lunch at Orchard Road.

We were glad to find a good meal in a restaurant in Orchard Road in Singapore, the most expensive city in the world. We would certainly like to return to Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza in the future although we would probably stick to the set lunch.

Food: 3.5
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Izakaya Shinjuku Cuppage Plaza
Koek Road #01-01 Singapore 228796

Tel: +65 6734 8436

Opening Hours: 11:45 am – 2:30 pm, 6 pm – 1 am

Nearby MRT Station: Somerset


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