Indigo Blue Kitchen – new Peranakan restaurant in Shaw Centre by Les Amis Group

Indigo Blue Kitchen is a new Peranakan restaurant in Shaw Centre. It is yet another restaurant in this Orchard Road mall by the Les Amis Group. A good overview of the Les Amis Group and its restaurants can be found in the interview by the Business Times with the Chairman of the group, Desmond Lim (The Accidental Restaurateur 16 March 2019). In that article, he also discussed the then to-be-opened Peranakan restaurant Indigo Blue Kitchen. The plan is to recreate the recipes of Mr Lim’s late grandmother. In fact, the chef is being personally mentored by him to recreate these recipes before they are lost forever.

Indigo Blue Kitchen Peranakan restaurant Shaw Centre
Indigo Blue Kitchen Shaw Centre by Les Amis Group

Indigo Blue Kitchen opened recently in mid-May 2019. It is currently in a soft launch phase when only a daily set menu is served. The full menu will be ready later in June. The lunch and dinner menus are priced at $40++ and $55++ respectively. We were there for lunch.

Indigo Blue Kitchen Menu

Here are pictures of the Indigo Blue Kitchen Menu lunch menu that was served at the time of our visit. It was basically a four course lunch with a fixed list of items. There was only one decision to be made by the diner – choose either the fish maw soup (hee peoh tng) or the meatball soup (bakwan kepiting). The latter requires an extra payment of $8. We tried both the soups.

Indigo Blue Kitchen Set Lunch Menu
Indigo Blue Kitchen – Nyonya Set Lunch Menu

A basket of keropok was served at the start of our meal. A selection of sauces and condiments were made available as well. We were relieved that we did not have to pay extra for the sambal belachan. Some places have such a practice.

Indigo Platter

The first course at Indigo Blue Kitchen was the Indigo Platter – made up of ngoh hiang, kueh pai tee and otah otah. The ngoh hiang and otah otah were good but did not have the “something more” that we were expecting from a Les Amis restaurant. The kueh pie tee was plain-tasting, the weakest of the trio.

The Soups

We thought that the bakwan kepiting was exceptionally good. The seafood broth and the meatballs containing pork, prawn and crabmeat were great. The only regret was that there were only two such balls in each bowl. The fish maw soup, was average by comparison.

The main course

The main course was poh piah. It was unusual for us to go through a Peranakan meal without any rice, but we went along with it. The poh piah was a decent size, but cut only in one place. The best way to eat it was with our hands, not very elegant but effective. We appreciated the chewy popiah skin – thin, but with high tensile strength. The poh piah was stuffed full of the usual ingredients. If only it was served warm, we would have liked it more.

The Dessert

Apom with Three Pengats

Dessert was “Apom with Three Pengats”. This was something new to us. The “apom” were fermented rice puffs. Served with three kinds of sauces – jackfruit, banana and D24 durian. The two best pengats were the banana and the durian. The latter in particular was interesting.

We liked some dishes more than the others at Indigo Blue Kitchen. But it is always interesting to have different styles of Peranakan restaurants. This new restaurant in Shaw Centre by Les Amis Group has opted to serve nyonya fare in a modern setting, in complete contrast to the Peranakan Restaurant a couple of blocks away, which is as traditional as you can get. It is too early to form a definite opinion, but what we can say is that we like the variety of nyonya food options that Indigo Blue has opened up.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Chope Reservations

Indigo Blue Kitchen
1 Scotts Road
Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208

Opening Hours: 12-3pm, 6:30-10pm

Nearby MRT Station: Orchard

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