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The main attraction of famous Hong Kong dim sum restaurant Tim Ho Wan had always been the Baked BBQ Pork Bun and its menu had been rather limited. At the beginning of this year, Tim Ho Wan rolled out a new menu that added variety to its dim sum favourites. New items include Hong Kong Braised Beef Soup Noodles, Spicy Fried Rice and Rice with Pork Ribs.

Tim Ho Wan Singapore Menu

Tim Ho Wan opened in Singapore in Plaza Singapura in 2013. It has added many outlets since. Its menu has also expanded. Today, the popular dim sum restaurant has a new menu book with a colourful cover and many pages.

Tim Ho Wan New Menu

Below are photos of a few pages of Tim Ho Wan new menu.

Tim Ho Wan New Menu

The old favourites are still on the menu but there is now more variety. The addition of noodles, rice and congee dishes makes it easier now for a family or group to have a complete meal at Tim Ho Wan, especially when there are also additional special seasonal dishes.

Tim Ho Wan Seasonal Specials
Tim Ho Wan Menu Board
Tim Ho Wan Menu Board 2016

The photos of Tim Ho Wan Menu Board in 2016 (above) and the Menu Board in 2019 (below) give an overview of the changes to the menu as well as the changes to the prices of some items.

Tim Ho Wan  Menu
Tim Ho Wan Menu Board 2016

New Dishes in Tim Ho Wan

We visited Tim Ho Wan recently and tried out a few of the new items as well as items from the special Spring menu.

We had the Spicy BBQ Pork Stew Noodle ($6.50) and the Pork Rib with Yam & Black Bean Rice ($5.30). The portion size of each was small – just about sufficient as a one dish meal for a person with small appetite. Both were not bad but not very special. We preferred the rice dish which was more flavourful.

The two items from the seasonal menu were Beef Ball Congee ($7) and Minced Beef Rice Roll ($6.80). The congee was good comfort food but we did not quite like the beef balls. We thought there were a little too soft and gooey and did not taste like meat to us. The rice roll or cheong fun was quite good – more like what we would expect of a dim sum dish in Tim Ho Wan.

To add some fibre to our diet we also had the poached lettuce ($5.80). We also have the must eat item in Tim Ho Wan – Baked BBQ Pork Buns (5.80). They were delicious and definitely the most enjoyable dish of the meal. The signature Baked BBQ Pork Buns is now slightly more expensive because they are again hand made (whereas at one time they were machine made).

Dim Sum still the Star

The new menu offers more variety and the popular restaurant can appeal to an even wider range of customers. It is a now place for more than just dim sum. Nevertheless, the stars at Tim Ho Wan are still the traditional dim sum items – especially the crumbly and fluffy BBQ pork buns.

Tim Ho Wan now has many outlets in Singapore including at Changi Jewel, Great World City, Pacific Plaza and Waterpoint.


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