JÙN Restaurant – new all day dining at Capri by Fraser, China Square

JÙN Restaurant is a new all day dining restaurant in Capri by Fraser Hotel, China Square. JÙN serves dishes inspired by Singapore’s migrant Nanyang heritage fused with of local recipes such as Salted Egg Chicken, Chilli Crab Rillette Kueh Pie Tee and Beef Short Rib Rendang.

JÙN Restaurant in Capri by Fraser Hotel, China Square.

Capri by Fraser China Square Central

Capri by Fraser China Square Central

Capri by Fraser described itself as “a design-led hotel residence that caters to the digitally driven generation and who appreciate the technologically integrated lifestyle with facilities such as i-Mac, right in prime or key business locations“. The latest Capri by Fraser in Singapore has just opened in the Central Business District (CBD), in China Square Central. The interior design of the new hotel is inspired by the rich colours that reflect the multicultural spices and traditional costumes once found in this part of Singapore’s Chinatown. There are interesting artworks on the walls and ceilings in the lobby of the hotel.

JÙN Restaurant

JÙN Restaurant is the all day dining restaurant of Capri by Fraser China Square Central. It has a retro chic look – with dramatic walls filled whimsical Chinatown street scene motifs and decorative bird cages hanging from the ceiling.

JÙN Restaurant in Capri by Fraser Hotel, China Square.
JÙN Restaurant in Capri by Fraser Hotel, China Square.
JÙN Restaurant in Capri by Fraser , China Square.

JÙN Restaurant Menu

JÙN describes its dishes as inspired by “Singapore’s rich migrant Nanyang heritage, fused with generations of local recipes to represent the melting pot of culture that is Singapore today“. We think that means that they serve Straits Chinese food as well as a refined version of local zhi char dishes.

There are items like kueh pie tee, curry chicken, crispy baby squid and prawn paste chicken. Below are pictures of random pages of JÙN Restaurant a la carte menu.

JÙN Restaurant Menu
JÙN Restaurant a la carte Menu
JÙN a la carte Menu
JÙN Menu
JÙN Restaurant a la carte Menu
JÙN Restaurant a la carte Menu

Set Lunch Menu

The new restaurant has set lunch menus – a 3 course set for $28 per person and a 4 course set for $38 per person. Below are pictures of the set lunch menus.

JÙN Restaurant Set Lunch Menu
JÙN Restaurant 4 course Set Lunch Menu

Lunch at JÙN Restaurant

We had lunch at JÙN Restaurant and opted for the 3 course set. The set was actually a 5 course meal because in addition to 3 main coutses, there would be appetizers and desserts.

JÙN Set Lunch

The meal started with a trio of appetizers – Chilli Crab Rillette Kueh Pie Tee, Shrimp Paste Chicken Wing with Sambal and Mantou with Condensed Milk. All three items were very good. We enjoyed especially the crispy mantou with fluffy inside drizzled with condensed milk. It was nostalgic and delicious. An excellent start to our meal.

JÙN Set Lunch - Appetizer Trio
JÙN Restaurant Set Lunch - Mains

We had Sweet & Sour Prawns, Fragrant Pork Ribs and Long Beans with Minced Meat as the 3 main dishes.

The long beans dish was very average. We did not really like the soft texture of the beans and were not impressed by the taste.

JÙN Restaurant - Long Beans with Minced Pork
JÙN - Sweet & Sour Prawns

The Sweet and Sour Prawns with Bell Peppers, Pineapple and Lychee was a well-balanced dish – not too sweet nor too sour. The lychee and pineapple added complexity to the dish.

The best of the main dishes was the Fragrant Pork Ribs in sweet honey glaze sauce. The meat was moist and tender. The thick sticky glaze was not too sweet and there was a slight charred flavour and aroma. It would be a dish we would order again at JÙN.

JÙN Jia Xiang Fragrant Pork Ribs
Dessert at JÙN Restaurant (All-Day Dining)

Dessert was a rather large bowl of Chilled Mango Sago served with Lychee Sorbet, Mango Pearl and Pomelo. The various elements combined well and yet there were distinct flavours to excite the palate. It was enjoyable and a very good way to end a meal.

JÙN Restaurant, Capri by Fraser, China Square

Chic Casual Restaurant

We enjoyed the reasonably priced set lunch at JÙN Restaurant in China Square Central. We liked the chic decor and its casual atmosphere. JÙN Restaurant is a very pleasant place in Chinatown to enjoy Chinese and local dishes.

JÙN Restaurant, Capri by Fraser, China Square Singapore

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

JÙN Restaurant
181 South Bridge Road
02-01 Capri by Fraser, China Square
Singapore 058743

Chope Reservations

Opening Hours: 6:30 am – 11 pm


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Nearby MRT Stations: Telok Ayer, Chinatown

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