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We visited Beast & Butterflies when it first opened and were enchanted by its stylish furniture, alluring lighting, captivating designer decor and attractively plated “borderless cuisine”(see our post Beast & Butterflies ⋆ M Social Singapore – hip new restaurant bar). When we had lunch at Beast & Butterflies in Robertson Quay recently and it seemed that the management had decided to go more mainstream with a new Asian Fusion menu targeted at families rather than the hip cocktail sipping set.

Lunch at Beast & Butterflies 2019

The interior decor and furniture remained the same – with lava lamps and chandeliers and iPads on the walls. The funky music was not in the background when we were there.

Beast & Butterflies

Beast & Butterflies Menu

The main change was to the menu – both in its physical form and its contents. The digital menu which allowed us to scroll and place our orders has been done away with. The menu is now in the old fashioned paper form. The food items are mainly the usual items you will find in hotels’ all day dining restaurants. There are local dishes like satay and Hokkien noodles as well as a selection of various cuisines such as bulgogi pork and good old fish & chips. Below are pictures of a few pages of the Beast & Butterflies Menu.

Beast & Butterflies Menu
Beast & Butterflies Menu
Beast & Butterflies Menu
Beast & Butterflies Desserts Menu
Beast & Butterflies Drinks Menu

There are also a kid’s menu and a reasonably priced weekend set menu.

Beast & Butterflies Kids Menu
Beast & Butterflies Brunch Set Menu

Lunch at Beast & Butterflies

One aspect of Beast & Butterflies that has not changed over the years is the service standards. We had eaten at the restaurant several times and the service had always been friendly and efficient. During our latest visit, we were warmly welcomed and water was offered. Our orders were taken promptly and the wait for our food was not long.

We had a simple lunch of Penang Char Kway Teow ($15) and Nasi Goreng ($16). A cup of black coffee was $6 and cappuccino $7.

Lunch at Beast & Butterflies 2019
Lunch at Beast & Butterflies - Fried Kway Teow

The Penang Char Kway Teow at Beast & Butterflies had the usual ingredients but it did not impress as a good version of Penang fried kway teow. It was a bit too sweet and wet for our liking. It was a passable dish but there would many other places in Singapore where you could get better Penang Char Kway Teow.

The Nasi Goreng was a much better dish. The satay with authentic sauce was delicious and the fried chicken had tasty crispy skin and moist tender meat inside. The Beast & Butterflies’ Malay fried rice would be a dish we would order again.

Beast & Butterflies Nasi Goreng

Beast & Butterflies does not seem as enchanting as when it was first opened. Perhaps it has become a little dated or perhaps we have become a little jaded. Nevertheless, it is still a very pleasant place, with friendly attentive service, to enjoy a meal whether you are dining alone or with family and colleagues.

Beast & Butterflies M Social Singapore
90 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238259

Tel: +65 6657 0018

Chope Reservations

Opening Hours:
Breakfast 07.00 am – 10.30 am
Lunch 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner 05.00pm – 10.30pm


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