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Basil & Thyme – new restaurant by the sea at Parkland Green (Closed)

Basil & Thyme is a new restaurant in Parkland Green in East Coast Park serving Thai food and Western bar food. The new restaurant by the sea is part of the Kinara Group, which also runs the Patro’s Sports Bar & Restaurant next door.

Basil & Thyme - new restaurant by the sea

Basil & Thyme in East Coast Park

Basil & Thyme occupies a large space in Parkland Green (formerly occupied by Full Pint Brewery & Fish Bar Restaurant). It has an al fresco dining area which gives a good view of East Coast Park and the sea.

Basil & Thyme al fresco dining area
Basil & Thyme Bar
Basil & Thyme Bar & Lounge

The interior decor is eclectic. There is a bar and lounge area. There is a section with rustic wooden communal tables. An area of the space is like a beach club, complete with a DJ station and billiard table. Basil & Thyme also has a small stage for live performances.

Basil & Thyme East Coast Park
Basil & Thyme Live Performance Stage

Basil & Thyme Menu

The new restaurant in Parkland Green has a menu of home-cooked style Thai dishes. There is a separate menu for Western dishes like steak & fries, burgers, pasta, pizzas and bar bites. Below are pictures of the menus of Basil & Thyme.

Basil & Thyme Thai Menu
Basil & Thyme Menu
Basil & Thyme Western Menu

There is also an extensive drinks list.

Simple Thai Dinner

We visited the newly opened restaurant in East Coast Park recently. We ordered a few items from the Thai menu – Prawn Patties ($12.90), Seafood Tom Yum Soup ($12.90) and Olive Fried Rice ($14.90). Service charge, but not GST, would be added to the bill.

Thai Food at Basil & Thyme

Our food was served after a very short wait. Water was served while we waited.

Prawn Patties

The Tod Mun Goong or Prawn Patties and Tom Yum Soup were both very good. The prawn patties had a crispy crunchy outer layer and were tasty. The tom yum soup had the right balance of spiciness and sourness. The soup was soothing and yet would fire up the taste buds.

Tom Yum Soup @ Basil & Thyme
Olive Fried Rice at Basil & Thyme restaurant

The Olive Fried Rice looked dark and brooding. It had a nice fragrance and with the cashew nuts, mushroom and chicken pieces in the mix, it was a dish of pleasing textures and flavours. The portion size of the fried rice dish was quite substantial – enough to be shared by two if you are having other side dishes.

We ended our simple Thai dinner at Basil & Thyme with the quintessential Thai dessert – Mango with Sticky Rice ($11). The portion size of the sticky rice was large and the mango was sweet. Otherwise, it was a rather ordinary version of the Thai dessert.

Thai dessert in East Coast Park Basil & Thyme

Added Spice to Parkland Green

Basil & Thyme has certainly spiced up Parkland Green. It offers a good range of food and beverages and the Thai food we tried was good. The staff were friendly and helpful and the service was efficient. Prices are reasonable. With live music and a well-stocked bar and a very good location with a view of the park and the sea, Basil & Thyme can be both an exciting hangout spot with friends and a place for a relaxing meal with the family.

Basil & Thyme spiced up Parkland Green.

Food: 4
Service: 5
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Basil & Thyme
Parkland Green, East Coast Parkway #01-20 to 24
Singapore 449875

Tel: +65 6286 7266

Opening Hours : 11:30am-2:30pm, 6-10:30pm

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4 thoughts on “Basil & Thyme – new restaurant by the sea at Parkland Green (Closed)”

  1. Yet another interesting potential new place to try out. Have been using Ordinary Patrons to check for new places and the website has often provided them well. Thank you.

  2. We had my son’s 5th birthday party at Basil & Thyme and it was awesome. The restaurant is at Parkland green ECP, which is close to the ECP beach and has ample parking space for the guests, it made logistics a lot easier with nice ambience & greenery all around. Food was delicious, timely arranged and had a wide variety of starters / main course choices. The restaurant manager, Desmond and Ting Le, are so helpful and took care of all the small / big things such as arranging a bouncy castle inside the restaurant (as it was raining outside), setting up pool table for the kids, tattoo & balloon artists were given ample space to manage the kids and lastly, the live music was like an icing on the cake! It was an amazing evening and kids loved it. All those who attended the party were in awe with the restaurant, the space, the food and above all the service / hospitality. Highly recommend this place and well-done Desmond/Ting Le. Perfect place to book a birthday party or get together.

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