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Wu Pao Chun Singapore outlet of famous Taiwan bakery opens at Capitol Piazza

Seeing the $20 loaves of bread fly off the shelf made me think of taking up baking. Wu Pao Chun Singapore has just opened in Capitol Piazza. This is the Taiwanese bakery’s first outlet in Singapore and is operated by the Breadtalk Group following a JV between them. With queues forming up early in the morning, we thought we should also try some while we were there. The current promotion (until 20 June 19) of 20% discount off all breads other than the two “champion breads” (which get only a 10% discount) may have something to do with it.

Wu Pao Chun Singapore Bakery
Wu Pao Chun Singapore Capitol

The Wu Pao Chun Singapore outlet at Capitol Piazza is located on a prime spot on the ground floor with direct street access from North Bridge Road. It is a spacious bakery. Like another famous Taiwan eatery Din Tai Fung, the glass partitioned kitchen allows customers to see the making of the famous breads.

Wu Pao Chun Singapore Capitol Piazza

Pick up the bread of your choice and pay at cashier. Customers can pack them home or eat them at the Wu Pao Chun Bakery premises. Tables are provided for in-store diners but no plates or utensils were provided. A basic drinks menu of coffee, tea, soy milk and fruit blends is available.

Wu Pao Chun Bakery Singapore drinks menu

The two famous items of Wu Pao Chun Bakery are the award winning “champion bread” Lychee Rose Royale and Red Wine Longan. They are large loaves of bread and cost $20.80 per loaf. They are made in limited quantities each day and at specific times of the day. The Lychee was not available at the time and so we bought a loaf of the Red Wine Longan together with an assortment of other breads.

Red Wine Longan Bread

Red Wine Longan

Red Wine Longan is about 30 cm in diameter and weighs 900 grams. It is a heavyweight. You can compare the size of it against a normal an-pan bun in the picture below.

We had the loaf sliced into eight pieces. This is a picture of one slice. It looks like a normal fruit and nut bread but the main difference was the smell and taste of dried longans. It was certainly unusual and attractive. We did not detect any red wine taste. The bread felt dense and chewy. The surface skin of the bread was tough, especially the thick layer at the top of the loaf. The insides were more yielding and easy to eat. Would we order this again? Probably not, unless it is for a person who has never tried this before.


Here is a picture of the other types of bread that we bought and what we think of them.

Spring Blossom

We bought two pieces of the spring blossom ($2 each). We were enticed by the smell of the spring onions which we have not seen used in this way before. This is a very light bread and unique tasting bread. Would we buy this again? Yes.

Spring Blossom ($2 each)

Spicy Tuna

We tried a Spicy Tuna ($2.80 each). We like the generous amount of sesame seeds on it. It contains spicy minced tuna inside. The level of spiciness is mild and should be acceptable to most people. It is a savoury bread and quite heavy. We could eat two of these and make it a light lunch. Would we buy this again? Yes.

Spicy Tune

An Pan

The An Pan at Wu Pao Chun Singapore was not much different from those at a good Japanese bakery. The red bean paste inside seems smoother than those in many other places. Would we buy it again? Probably not, but not because we don’t like it but because there are so many other flavours we would like to try that are not found elsewhere. There are some localised Singapore flavours such as the Kaya Kebaya and Satay Satay waiting for us.

An Pan


The Sawadee Bun ($2.80) was our favourite bread at Wu Pao Chun Bakery. It was filled with green Thai curry that tasted very authentic. It is hardly spicy. Would we buy this again? For sure!

Sawadee Green Curry

Wu Pao Chun Singapore
#01-19/20 Capitol Piazza, 13 Stamford Road
Singapore 178905

Opening Hours: 9:00am-9pm

Nearest MRT Station: City Hall

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