Bodacious Bistro- a nice cafe to hang out in Buona Vista

It has been a while since we last visited the Bodacious Bar & Bistro in Biopolis, the biomedical hub in the West of Singapore near the Buona Vista MRT station. We were glad to see that it was still the same – a nice cafe to hang out in Buona Vista. Especially on a Saturday when the hordes of office people are no longer around. It is certainly a nice place to eat and have a drink or two. We were at Bodacious Bistro for brunch.

Bodacious nice cafe to chill in Singapore
Bodacious Bistro Biopolis
Bodacious nice cafe to chill in Singapore
Bodacious Cafe – dressed up for an event

Bodacious Bistro was all dressed up for an event when we arrived (see above picture). Only the outdoor tables were available. Fortunately, the weather was not hot on that day. For more pictures of the regular look of Bodacious, you can refer to our previous post.

Bodacious cafe (file photo)

Bodacious Bistro Menu

Here are pictures of the Bodacious cafe brunch menu, the lunch menu and a portion of the drinks menu. The drinks prices seem reasonable. We would not be surprised if this is a popular place for drinks and happy hour after work in Buona Vista on weekdays.

Bodacious Bistro Brunch Menu
Bodacious Bistro Lunch Menu

We started off with a Homemade Lobster Bisque ($14). It was quite a full bodied lobster bisque that would not look out of place in a proper French restaurant.

Bodacious Bistro Biopolis
Bodacious Lobster Bisque ($14)

We tried to re-live our Munich Oktoberfest experience by ordering a pint of Hoegarden White ($13) to go with the Rosti & Sausage ($16). The flavours of the beer and sausage were close enough but the quiet neighbourhood of Biopolis on a weekend was not quite the same as Oktoberfest in Theresienwiese. For a non alchoholic drink – the fruity Bodacious Signature drink ($5.80) is highly recommended.

We also tried a pasta dish – the Scallop & Prawn Aglio Olio $16. There was enough garlic to make their presence felt. The spaghetti was cooked right. The seafood may not be the best we have tried but certainly good enough at this price point.

It was good to revisit Bodacious Bistro after quite a while. Some parts of it looks frayed at the edges. But the main attractions – good food reasonably priced and an affordable drinks list are still there. It certainly is a nice cafe to hang out in Buona Vista

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs

Bodacious Bistro
70 Biopolis Street
Singapore 138547

Chope Reservations

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 11am-10pm
Sat: 9am-10pm
Closed Sunday

Nearby MRT Station: Buona Vista (EW21/CC22)

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