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POPs Cafe @ Funan Mall (Closed)

POPs Cafe Funan Mall is a new cafe by The Populus: Coffee & Food Co, a popular and hip cafe along Neill Road. It was one of the restaurants that caught our eye when we first visited the mall on its opening day. We returned to the POPs Cafe Funan to try out their food a couple of days later.

POPs Cafe Funan Mall

POPs Cafe Funan Mall is a small food outlet. It occupies a small sliver of space on level 2. There are two large communal tables and some counter space along the way at the end. The designer of the cafe had cleverly used a simple wooden lattice wall to demarcate the space. The transparency of the boundary left the space open and gave an impression of spaciousness.

POPs Cafe Funan Mall

POPs Cafe Funan Mall Menu

Here is a picture of the POPs Cafe Funan menu. They have wisely kept the menu simple – just some types of rice bowls, a few wraps and a handful of side dishes and desserts. There was an opening promotion of 20% discount which was not visibly publicised. We were pleasantly surprised when we were told of it when placing our orders. As to how long it would last we are not sure.

POPs Cafe Funan Mall Menu
POPs Cafe Funan Mall Menu

POPs Cafe Funan Mall Menu

The Food at POPs Funan

The sweet potato fries ($6.50) at POPs Funan were great. It was quite a large portion and most of them were of sufficient thickness so as to leave the insides soft and sweet while the outside was crisp.

For mains, we selected a POPs Chicken RIce Bowl ($17 for a premium order that had chicken meatballs), the POPs cha shu bowl ($17 for a premium bowl with soy marinated egg) and a pulled pork wrap ($11). Prices indicated in this post do not take into account the opening discount.

The cha shu bowl was served with a large piece of pork belly. It was not our idea of what cha shu is. We had thought that it was the usual char siew (BBQ lean pork). It was certainly a generous portion of meat, but more fatty and “porky” than we had anticipated. Other than that, the rest of the dish was good, especially the soy marinated egg which was prepared ‘onsen’ egg style.

POPs Cafe Funan Cha Shu Bowl

The Chicken Rice bowl was a better dish as far as we are concerned. It was not quite the chicken rice that we are used to but the elements of the bowl were all good and taste even better when mixed up and eaten together. We would be happy to eat this again.

POPs Cafe Funan Chicken Rice Bowl

The pulled pork wrap ($11) was the size of a large popiah. The pulled pork, together with vegetables such as purple cabbage, cucumber and baby spinach, were densely and tightly rolled up into a compact shape that could be easily eaten with one hand. We liked the blend of tastes and textures – soft, chewy and crunchy all mixed up. This could be enough for lunch for a person with a small appetite.


Desserts and Coffee at POPs Cafe

It it easy to decide on desserts at POPs Cafe Funan as the list of items is very short. We decided to try one item each from the “donut” and “soft serve” sections of the menu.

The Earl Grey Soft Serve with honey ($5) was a wonderful dessert. The chocolate granache and azuki red bean donut was more predictable. Coffee was very good. Quite strong but not overpowering. Smooth and not sour. We appreciate their attempt at complicated latte art. We also noticed that they used coffee cups similar to those we saw at Foreword Cafe at Temasek Shophouse. I think they are known as Huskee cups made with recycled coffee husks – an organic waste material.

Earl Grey Soft Serve with honey and cappucino
Chocolate granache and azuki red bean donut

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

POPs Cafe
#02-31 Funan Mall
107 North Bridge Rd
Singapore 179105

Nearby MRT Station : CIty Hall

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