Chojiro Singapore – new conveyor belt sushi restaurant at Capital Square

Chojiro Singapore, according to an article in the Today newspaper, is the famous Japanese kaiten zushi restaurant’s first branch outside Japan. The conveyor belt sushi restaurant at Capital Square is also its first franchised branch. It is one of the several new Japanese eateries clustered on the ground floor of Capital Square, collectively known as Gochi Church Street Japan Kitchen. We had lunch there recently, trying out the food from a few places. Today, we will tell you about the food at the new Chojiro Singapore sushi restaurant.

Chojiro Singapore at Capital Square is a compact conveyor belt sushi restaurant. We were there on a weekend when it was quiet. I suspect the busy periods are during lunch on weekdays when the crowds of office people in nearby Far East Square, China Square and Raffles Place go in search of food at lunch time. As such, sushi was not transported on the belt, but produced only on demand. Which was fine with us as it meant even fresher sushi. According to the Today article, fish for this restaurant is flown in from Japan daily.

Chojiro Singapore, Capital Square Church Street Sushi restaurant
Chojiro Singapore – conveyor belt sushi restaurant at Capital Square

Chojiro Singapore Menu

Chojiro Singapore menu.

There is an extensive menu at Chojiro Capital Square. Sushi items are of course the main attractions. In addition, there are grilled and tempura items. Here are pictures of some sample pages of the the Chojiro Singapore menu.

Chojiro Singapore menu.
Chojiro Singapore menu.

We had an assortment of sushi and a platter of tempura at Chojiro Capital Square.

The seared scallop sushi ($6.99 for 2) were the best. The scallops were sweet and firm. The other items that we tried were the pickled mackerel ($3.99), tuna ($2.99) and shrimp avocado ($4.99). We were satisfied with the quality of the Chojiro sushi. The prices were very reasonable and the presentation of the sushi was excellent, especially at this price point.

We also tried the assorted shrimp tempura ($11.99). We liked the batter very much. It was light and not oily – almost like those in specialist tempura restaurants. There were two medium sized prawns in one serving. We thought they were fine but not outstanding. In addition to prawns there was a few pieces of seafood and vegetables as well. For the price of $11.99++ , it was good value for money.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Chojiro Singapore
#01-04/05 Capital Square
23 Church Street, Singapore 049481.

Tel: +65 6226 1271

Opening Hours: 11.30am to 3pm & 5pm to 11pm. Last orders at 2.30pm & 10.30pm. 

Nearby MRT Stations: Raffles Place, Telok Ayer

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