Pronto Caffe Singapore – pasta and coffee at new Japanese cafe and bar in Capital Square

Pronto Caffe & Bar, a popular chain of cafe from Japan has landed in Singapore. It opened at The Capital Square at Raffles Place. Pronto is the largest restaurant within the cluster of food outlets known as Gochi Church Street Japanese Kitchen.

Pronto Caffe & Bar Capital Square
Pronto Caffe & Bar Capital Square
Pronto Caffe & Bar Singapore

It is hard to tell exactly what kind of restaurant is Pronto from its name and exterior. On closer examination, it is an Italian cafe and a bar. We were somewhat disappointed to see that they only serve a very limited food menu of just pasta and salad. On the other hand, if we were looking for a nice place for drinks at the Capital Square area, we would be happy to discover Pronto Caffe Singapore. The bar seemed well stocked and the happy hour prices of $6 for a pint of draft and $4 for a Jim Beam Highball sound very reasonable.

Pronto Caffe Singapore Menu

Pronto Caffe Singapore Menu

Here are pictures of the Pronto Cafe Singapore menu for (food and hot drinks). With only nine types of pasta, it was easy to come to a decision on what to eat. We selected the Scallop & Bottarga Aglio Oglio ($13) and Shrimp & Kale Tomato Cream ($18) and some coffee.

Pronto Caffe Singapore Menu
Pronto Caffe Singapore Menu

The coffee at Pronto Singapore was pretty good. They were robust and strong flavoured. We preferred the cappuccino as the milk softened the strong taste somewhat. The black coffee would be what we would go for if we work in this area and need something to stay awake.

Pronto Caffe coffee
Pronto Caffe Pata

We were not so enthusiastic about the pasta dishes. They looked and tasted roughly the same. They were fine but not memorable. I would still eat here again if I needed a quick lunch in a quiet restaurant, but I would select the lowest priced pasta (the Bolognese at $11) and have a cup of the nice coffee.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Pronto Caffe & Bar
23 Church Street, Unit #01-02/08 Capital Square
Singapore 049481

Nearby MRT Stations: Raffles Place, Telok Ayer

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  1. Tasted the scallop & Bottarga Algio Alio, it was completely bland. Tasted like the noodles was soaked in oil.. garlic fragrance was missing.. I have load it with salt and peper

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