Bread Yard – Nice cafe in Fusionopolis with very good coffee

Fusionopolis is described in the JTC website as ” a cluster designed to provide an environment conducive to growth in the information and communications technologies (ICT), media, physical sciences and engineering industries”. To feed the thousands of people who work in this Buona Vista cluster, there are many restaurants. Which is the best cafe in Fusionopolis? In our opinion one of the contenders for the title is Bread Yard in the Galaxis Building. This is the place that we recommend to our friends visiting Fusionopolis. In fact we have been there quite a few times ourselves.

Best Cafe in Fusionopolis

Fusionopolis is a collective term for a cluster of buildings. Bread Yard is located on the ground floor of the building known as Galaxis. It is connected to surrounding buildings which also have futuristic names such as Connexis, Symbiosis and Innovia. We have no idea what goes on in these big buildings. We have only been there to eat. There are lots of parking and the rates on weekends are cheap. We avoid being there on weekdays as it is very crowded. It is a nice place on weekends, but many f & b outlets are closed. Bread Yard is closed on Sundays but opens for breakfast and brunch on Saturdays.

Bread Yard – Best Cafe in Fusionopolis

Bread Yard has a simple decor. The dining space seems to have enlarged since the last time we visited. The bread baking section had been converted into more dining space. I am not sure if the bread making has been moved to a new section of the space or us now made at another location. Breads are a main attraction at Bread Yard. It appears that they are wholesalers to other restaurants. While most of the restaurants which were open on Saturday were quite quiet, Bread Yard had a steady stream of visitors. It was nice and bustling but not cramped. The place is run by young enthusiastic people without any of the “hip cafe” attitude.

Bread Yard Menu

Here is a picture of the Bread Yard menus. It does not have a very wide selection of food. Many of dishes are similar to those in other cafes in Singapore. Grain bowls, sandwiches. toast and pasta items are common place. Why, you may ask, do we think that they could be one of the best cafes in Fusionopolis? The answer is their execution. For some reason, common food seem to taste better here.

Best Cafe in Fusionopolis
Bread Yard Menu Board

The Food

We tried two dishes that day – the Shakshuka ($14) and the Jamaican Grilled Chicken Bowl ($12). Shakshuka seems to be an “in” dish these days. I have been seeing it in cooking shows and magazines. According to Wikipedia, it is derived from an Arabic word shakka, meaning “stick together, clump together, adhere or cohere”. As you can see the shakshuka at Bread Yard was beautiful. There were two versions – with sausage or with mushroom. We had the mushroom version. With ingredients like red peppers, tomato, eggs and some spices. The taste was as good as it looks. A slice of Hokkaido brioche was on hand to mop up all the gravy.

Best Cafe in Fusionopolis

The Jamaican Chicken bowl was probably a more healthy choice. The bowl of quinoa was topped with egg plant, grilled chicken, raisins, pistachio, baby spinach. Everything combined to create a wonderful flavor in each spoonful.

We must mention the coffee that we had at this little nice cafe in Fusionopolis. There are a few special brews on the menu but we just decided on normal cappuccino ($4.50). The taste of the coffee was exceptional. Rich, strong yet without any bitterness or had any sour after taste. At the moment we think that this is the best coffee in Singapore.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs

4 tops

Bread Yard
1 Fusionopolis Place
Singapore 138522

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 0800 – 1830
Sat: 0900-1430

Nearest MRT Station – One North

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The satiated person and the hungry one do not see the same thing when they look upon a loaf of bread.
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The satiated person and the hungry one do not see the same thing when they look upon a loaf of bread.
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