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PPP Coffee Funan Mall – delicious coffee, pricey snacks

PPP Coffee is a new cafe at the new Funan Mall. According to their website, they were formerly known as Papa Palheta and specialises in sourcing, roasting and serving specialty coffee in Singapore and Malaysia. Established in 2009, they rebranded themselves as PPP Coffee in 2019 and founded the PPP Coffee store. In case you do not find the names unfamiliar, they are the folks behind the hip cafe Chye Seng Huat Hardware coffee bar in Lavender, Singapore.

PPP Coffee Funan Mall
PPP Coffee Funan Mall

PPP Coffee Funan looks modern and futuristic. It fits in very well with the overall look of the tech-focused Funan Mall. This coffee bar and cafe has an open concept, there are no walls separating it from the walkway. We just had our sunny brunch at Godmama (read about it here) and was looking for a cooler place to have coffee. The dimly lit and cool PPP Coffee looked very inviting.

PPP Coffee Funan Mall

In addition to the decor, the cafe hardware also looked impressive. The coffee machine looks like a spaceship. The train of stainless steel toasters looked the part as well.

Cakes at PPP Coffee Funan Mall
Cakes at PPP Coffee Funan Mall

PPP Coffee had a small selection of food items to go with the coffee. The small cupcake-sized pastries cost around $7 each. There were some local items as well such as ondeh ondeh and ang ku kueh ($1.2 and 2.5 each respectively).

I had a cup of large cappuccino ($7). The taste of the coffee was superb. Strongly flavoured but not overpowering. The taste lingers on pleasantly on the palate. I was told that they use the Throwback blend of coffee for the cappuccino. They sell them in packs of 250g at $16. The taste is described as “Dark Chocolate, Rich Hazelnut Overtone, Heavy Body”. All I can say it is worth visiting PPP Coffee to have a taste of this.

Throwback Blend by PPP Coffee

We thought that the cakes and snacks were somewhat pricey, but as a matter of habit, it is always nice to munch on something with coffee. I decided on pistachio cranberry cake ($7). It was a small crumbly cake. The taste and texture reminded me of fruitcake. A pleasant cake which played a supporting role at our coffee break at PPP Coffee Funan Mall. The coffee is clearly the star at this cafe.

PPP Coffee Funan Mall
107 North Bridge Road, #02-19
Singapore 179105

Tel: +65 6299 4321

Opening Hours: 9 am to 10 pm

Nearby MRT Station: City Hall


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Technology itself is neither good nor bad. People are good or bad. Naveen Jain quote
Technology itself is neither good nor bad. People are good or bad. – Naveen Jain

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