Lunch at Chalerm Thai – new casual Thai restaurant at Capitol Kempinski Singapore, Capitol Piazza

Chalerm Thai Singapore is a new Thai restaurant in The Capitol Kempinski Hotel. Situated in The Arcade section of the hotel, it adds to the dining options at Capitol Piazza. There has been some changes in the row of restaurants facing Capitol Theatre. A few new eateries have opened recently. One of them is Chalerm Thai where we had lunch recently.

Chalerm Thai Capitol Kempinski Singapore
Chalerm Thai, new restaurant at Capitol Kempinski Singapore

Like some of the restaurants along the row, Chalerm Thai at Capitol Kempinski has two levels. The main dining on the ground floor and a small balcony seating area on the higher level. Both levels are just as attractive. The preserved building is enclosed from the elements by a glass roof. So we can enjoy al fresco style dining in air-conditioned comfort regardless of the weather.

Chalerm Thai, new restaurant at Capitol Piazza
Chalerm Thai, new restaurant at Capitol Theatre Singapore

Chalerm Thai Menu

The Chalerm Thai Singapore menu is not very extensive but is adequate as a casual Thai restaurant. What we liked in particular was the set menus – two or three courses at $17 and $22++ respectively. We decided to try the three course menu and an extra Thai satay appetiser.

Chalerm Thai Capitol Kempinski Singapore Menu (Sep 2019)
Chalerm Thai Capitol Piazza Singapore Food Menu

The Satay Gai ($15) was an attractive dish of six sticks of chicken satay. The meat on each of the satay was quite substantial much larger than a regular Singapore satay. The meat was moist and well seasoned with a mild tamarind flavour. We like this big chunky style of satay and will be happy to order this again.

Set Menu Dishes at Chalerm Thai Capitol

Pad Thai Kung and Fried Taro

For our starters we tried the fried taro and tofu (picture above) and the Thai fish cake (picture below). The fried taro appeared like French fries, except that they were strips of taro, deep fried. We are fans of anything deep-fried so a change from the usual potato to a yam flavour was welcomed. Eaten with the sweetish chilli sauce, they were enjoyable. Small pieces of fried tofu were mixed up with the taro fries.

Thai fish cake is one of our favourite Thai appetisers. We thought the ones at Chalerm Thai were well-made and looked beautiful as well.

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Thai Fish Cakes
Pad Thai Kung

Our main courses were Pad Thai Kung (above picture – Thai style fried kway teow with prawns) and fried basil chicken with rice (picture below). Both were were simple and tasty Thai dishes that we are happy to eat again any day. The basil chicken in particular had the aroma of basil that makes it combine so well with plain steamed rice.

Fried basil chicken and rice

The desserts

Mango and sticky rice

If we have not convinced you to make a visit to the new Chalerm Thai at Capitol Piazza by now, these two beauties might do the trick. They were part of the reason we chose the set menus. These are two of our favourite Thai desserts and we were glad to see them in the set menu options.

The desserts were mango and sticky rice (above picture) and the red ruby with jackfruit in coconut milk (picture below). They were presented simply and tasted as nice as they looked.

Red Rubies

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Chope Reservations

Chalerm Thai
3 Stamford Road
Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski
Singapore 178905

Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm

Nearest MRT Station: City Hall


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