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Fredo’s Bakery – new place for beautiful pastries in Sunset Way / Clementi

The new Fredo’s Bakery in Sunset Way takes over from the space formerly occupied by Drips. According to a 30 August 2019 Straits Times article, baker Alfred Chan who used to be a partner in Drips now runs the place alone. It looks quite similar to the old place except for the name. The other thing that remains the same is the range of delectable cakes and pastries in this little shop in Clementi.

Fredo's Bakery

Fredo’s bakery is not alone at Sunset Way. It is situated in a place where there are many restaurants and a popular hawker centre. Another famous bakery, Balmoral Bakery is at the same courtyard as Fredo’s, directly facing it. Balmoral Bakery is known for its traditional curry puffs and cream puffs. So between these two places you can set up a very nice collection of cakes and pastries for a sumptious high tea.

Fredo's Bakery

Fredo’s may look like a typical neighbourhood cake shop, but its contents look more at home in a place like Paragon Orchard or the Ritz Carlton. These are beautiful products with matching prices.

Fredo's Bakery

Fredo's Bakery
Fredo's Bakery Sunset Way

There is a sign which declares that they specialise in tarts. I could see a wonderful selection of tarts – from the plain looking lime tart ($8.80) to the beautiful berries tart ($11.80).

These prices are too much for an ordinary patron. And so I had to make do with something more humble. A slice of chocolate marble cake ($3) and a cup of cappuccino ($4.80). The coffee was dispensed from a coffee machine – not bad but nothing to write about. The humble marble cake was something else. It was rich, moist and flavourful. One of the best marble cake that I have tried. Which made me wonder how the rest of the higher end cakes at Fredo’s taste like.

Fredo’s Bakery
Block 109 Clementi Street 11, #01-05 
Singapore 120109

Tel: +65 6776-0400

Opening Hours:
8am to 8pm (Wednesdays to Mondays)
8am to 6pm (Tuesdays and public holidays)

Nearest MRT Station: Clementi


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Knowledge may be power, but cake has great bargaining properties. - Julia Seitz quote
Knowledge may be power, but cake has great bargaining properties. – Julia Seitz

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