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Ichiran Ramen Singapore – best ramen in the world to appear in Oct 2019 for a limited time

Ichiran Ramen Singapore will be a pop-up store at the Takashimaya Japan Food Fair which will take place in October 2019. Many regard Ichiran Ramen as the best ramen in the world. They are not only popular in Japan but also internationally. Whether this is just an one-off event or a test balloon that may herald a permanent store in Singapore, we do not know. Here are some information on what to expect when Ichiran arrives in Singapore.

Ichiran Ramen Singapore
Ichiran Ramen

Forbes magazine suggested Ichira Ramen as the best ramen in the world. Many others also seem to think so. When Ichiran Ramen’s Taipei outlet opened in 2017, there was a continuous queue for 240 hours. That store is open 24 hours. Having heard so much hype we had to try it when we were in Taipei about a year ago.

The Booths

Ichiran Taipei

Ichiran Ramen is not only famous for the taste of their Japanese noodles but also the dining experience at their restaurants. The restaurant is divided into sections and each person gets a booth within a section. Orders are written on pieces of paper and passed to the server behind the window. A curtain is drawn once the order is placed. The food is then served and each diner eats in isolation. The picture below shows a view of the booths across the aisle just before they close the curtains.

Here you can see the booths with the curtains about to be closed. Solitary dining commences. We understand that some booths will be set up at Ichiran Ramen Singapore for diners to experience this kind of dining style.

The Ramen

These are the pictures of the ramen at Ichiran Taipei. They certainly did not look as beautiful as the one shown in the official Ichiran ramen photo. You can read about our Taipei experience here. Ichiran Ramen Singapore will be set up from 3rd to 20th October 2019. They will only cook and serve its New York Limited Ichiran Instant Ramen on site. Don’t be too disappointed by this limitation. We bought and tried their instant noodles at home and they were close to the real thing. We think it will be even better than our homecooked one as it will be prepared by experts. Only 700 orders (at $12 per bowl) will be served a day in Singapore.

Instant Ichiran Ramen

Customers can choose to buy the packed instant versions of the famous ramen to be prepared at home.

Here is a picture of the retail section of the Taipei store selling instant Ichiran ramen packs. We bought some home and must say the instructions were easy to follow and the homemade version was quite close to the real thing. Apparently, only 200 packs will be sold a day at the Ichiran Ramen Singapore pop-up store. Each box costs $35 and contains 3 servings.

Ichiran Ramen Singapore
Takashimaya Event Hall
Ngee Ann City Basement 2
391 Orchard Road Singapore 238873

3 October to 20 October 2019

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Time flows in the same way for all human beings; every human being flows through time in a different way.- Yasunari Kawabata quote
Time flows in the same way for all human beings; every human being flows through time in a different way.
– Yasunari Kawabata

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