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XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam @ PLQ Mall (Closed)

新加坡繫香敍聚堂 XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam Singapore is a modern kopitiam or coffeeshop. It offers traditional local coffee as well as toasts and soft boiled eggs – just like the traditional coffeeshop, but has a clean pleasant and air-conditioned setting. Its menu also has a fair range of affordable one dish meals.

XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam Singapore 新加坡繫香敍聚堂
XXixiang Kaya Kopitiam @ PLQ Mall

Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam is a traditional coffeeshop style cafe established in Malaysia, with outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Alor Star. The first Singapore outlet is in Robinson Centre and a new Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam just opened in Paya Lebar Quarter.

XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam PLQ Mall

Located in Basement 2 of PLQ Mall, the new XXixiang Kaya Kopitiam outlet has a compact dining space that lools neat and tidy. It is brightly lit and has an airy feel even though the tables are squeezed quite close together.

Menu of Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam

The menu of Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam PLQ is not extensive. There are items for breakfast and snacks like toast, pies and cakes. The main course section of the menu offers essentially rice and noodles such as nasi lemak and chicken and mushroom noodles. Below are pictures of the menu of Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam PLQ Mall.

XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam PLQ Menu
XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam Menu

Lunch @ Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam

We had lunch recently at Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam in PLQ Mall. It is a self service restaurant. Order and payment are made at the counter. You collect the food when prompted by the buzzer and you help yourself to the utensils and condiments.

We ordered the BBQ Chicken Rice ($8.90), the Yogurt Curry Chicken with Tomato Rice ($8.90) and the Tumeric Curry Chicken with Blue Rice ($8.90). An iced Kopi C was $2.90 and a hot Kopi-O was $2.

XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam Chicken Rice

The rice dishes were nicely presented. Pyramid shaped rice was served with a fried egg and some vegetables or archar. The BBQ Chicken Rice was good. The chicken rice was fragrant and had a robust taste of old school chicken stock. The chicken was tender and the BBQ sauce was quite tasty.

XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam Chicken Rice

The Tomato Rice looked nice but its taste was not very distinctive. The Yogurt Curry Chicken was enjoyable. The thick curry was mildly spicy and had many layers of flavours.

The Blue Rice was photogenic but not very special otherwise. It tasted just like plain white rice. The Tumeric Curry was rich and vibrant with earthy flavours. The succulent chicken absorbed the flavours well.

XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam PLQ Mall

Coffee & Cake

We also had a piece of butter cake ($4.90). It was moist and dense and was a good version of the simple old school cake. The coffee at Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam was decent; sort of like the coffee you would get in a traditional coffeeshop.

XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam

Overall, we thought their curries were quite good and we liked the chicken rice. The coffee was decent. Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam is a casual pleasant place for affordable one dish meals, breakfast or snacks, whether you are alone or in a group.

XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam Paya Lebar

Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam PLQ Mall
Paya Lebar Quarter #B2-17
60 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409051

Nearby MRT Station: Paya Lebar


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