Highlights of Japan Food Matsuri 2019 Takashimaya Japanese Food Fair

Japan Food Matsuri at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City is back again in Singapore. This year, the popular Japanese Food Fair it is held from Thu 3 Oct to Sun 20 Oct 2019 at Takashimaya Square, B2. This annual festival (“matsuri” means festival in Japanese) is a chance to try Japanese food and products at one convenient place. There are stalls exhibiting and selling Japanese food and fresh produce. Participants offering Japanese beauty and wellness products are also in attendance. The Japan Food Matsuri 2019 is held in conjunction with Singapore Takashimaya Department Store’s 26th Anniversary. There are too many things for us to recount from our visit on the first day. But we can share with you some food highlights of Japan Food Matsuri 2019 Takashimaya Japanese Food Fair.

Japan Food Matsuri 2019 Takashimaya

Japan Food Matsuri 2019 Takashimaya Information

The first weekend of Japan Food Matsuri 2019 coincides with the 10% storewide discount for Takashimaya cardholders from 3 to 6 October. From our experience, Takashimaya discount days are very crowded days. Coupled with the appeal of Japanese food to Singapore residents, we would try our best to visit at off peak periods wherever possible.

Here are pictures of the list of participants at Japan Food Matsuri 2019 Takashimaya.

Japan Food Matsuri 2019 Takashimaya
Japan Food Matsuri 2019 Takashimaya List of Stalls


Ramen is a main attraction at this year’s Takashimaya Japanese Food Fair. World famous Ichiran is joined by four other ramen stalls and are collectively referred to as the Ramen Revolution.

Japan Food Matsuri 2019 Takashimaya Ramen Revolution
Ichiran Ramen

We believe enough has been said about Ichiran Ramen, including by ourselves. You can read about our recent post for more information. It is probably the hottest stall at this year’s Matsuri. A queue started at the fair on the first day.

Queue at Ichiran Ramen Takashimaya Matsuri 2019

Ichiran’s stall at Japan Food Matsuri serves New York limited Ichiran instant ramen cooked on the spot. They have also set up some booths so that visitors can experience their unqiue style of dining in individual booth seats. To see what these look like in real life, read about our visit to Ichiran Taipei.

Ichiran Ramen dining booth at Takashimaya Singapore 2019

In addition to Ichiran, other interesting styles of ramen served served at Takashimaya are: 175° DENO Ramen – soupless Tantanmen Dry Noodle at $15; Yoshiyama Shouten’s Spicy Miso ($14), Society of Ramen Asahikawa’s Matsuri Special Ramen ($21), and Teppei Okinawa’s Soki Soba ($8).

DENO Ramen information

Sake & Sushi at Japan Food Matsuri 2019

No Japanese food fair would be complete without sushi and sake. This year, sushi will be presented by three different Chefs – one each week:– Hiroshi Matsumoto from Tokyo Ginza, Eugenia from Table at 7 and Keisuke Kaneko from Monsuzhi.

(Week 2) Fri 11 Oct to Sun 13 Oct 2019 Table at 7
Chef Eugenia

Here is a picture of the order slip at the sushi counter and standing bar, there is an option of dining Omakase style – Regular ($88), Special ($128) and Premium ($188).

Sake To Go sells sake in a booth next door to the sushi stall. A large selection of sake labels is available.

Food From Okinawa

Food from Okinawa is exhibited at the Japan Food Matsuri 2019. We were most interested in the Grilled Swordfish from Ryubo Food Market ($10/100gm) and Wagyu beef.

Grilled Swordfish

We bought a wagyu yainiku bento ($25) to try. The beef was very tasty and fatty, coating the rice with a rich umami taste. The negative thing was that parts of the beef were fibrous which made eating those parts a challenge. On a future visit, we would probably try the steak cuts instead.

Okinana Wagyu Yainiku Bento
Wagyu yainiku bento

Food From Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a favourite holiday destination. Skiing, the scenery and the food are three main reasons to visit Hokkaido. To enjoy the first two, you have no choice but to fly there. But to enjoy the food, it is possible to do it right here in Singapore. At Japan Food Matsuri 2019 Takashimaya Japanese Food Fair, there is a wide range of food options from Hokkaido – cooked food and fresh produce are available.

What we found most interesting at the Hokkaido food area were the seafood bentos and the squid rice. The bentos come in different configurations. The priciest was the Sujiyama Suisan King Crab Meat Bento ($42). We were easily persuaded to buy a box.

Squid RIce

The Sujiyama Suisan King Crab Meat Bento $42

The highlight of our visit to the Japan Food Matsuri 2019 Takashimaya Japanese Food Fair was the Sujiyama Suisan King Crab Meat Bento. We were glad to note that the real thing (picture below) looked very much like the photo in the publicity materials (pic above). $42 is a lot of money for a bento meal in a plastic box. But the amount of king crab legs was generous and the taste – sweet and delicious.

Sweets and Desserts at Japan Food Matsuri 2019

There is a wide selection of Japanese sweets and desserts available. These are some of them.

Maruamami-Mochi Obanyaki (Purple Sweet Potato)$33.50/pc; $10 fpr 3 pc

Warabi Mochi ($8/pack)

Hattendo Cream Bun from Hokkaido ($2.70 /pc; $12.50 / 5pc box).

Japan Food Matsuri 2019
Date: Thu 3 Oct to Sun 20 Oct 2019
Venue: Takashimaya Square, B2
Time: 10am to 9.30pm*
*Extended hours from 10am – 10pm, Thu 3 Oct to Sun 6 Oct 2019 only

391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Singapore 238873

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