Cafe Red Ginger in PLQ Mall

d Ginger is a plant commonly seen in Singapore. Alpinia purpurata is the scientific name of the plant with fiery red flowers, which is also called ostrich plume and pink cone ginger. Red Ginger is also the name of a cafe serving a good spread of Nasi Padang dishes and traditional hawker fare in a comfortable setting at affordable prices. The halal cafe started operations in IMM Building in 2000 and has now expanded to the East with the new Cafe Red Ginger in PLQ Mall.

Red Ginger in PLQ

Cafe Red Ginger PLQ Mall

The new Red Ginger cafe in Paya Lebar takes up a long narrow unit in Basement 2 of PLQ Mall. The decor is simple but pleasant with a white and pastel blue colour theme. Mirrors are used extensively to give the place a more spacious look.

If are to be critical, we may say that the place can feel a bit squeezy when the place is crowded as the tables are placed quite close together. It does get pretty congested during weekday lunch hours; and that perhaps is a sign that Cafe Red Ginger in Paya Lebar is popular.

Red Ginger Cafe at PLQ Mall

Red Ginger at PLQ Mall is a self-service cafeteria. There are 2 queues – one for kuehs, noodles, laksa and lontong, and the other for Nasi Padang and other rice dishes. Order for beverages is taken by the cashier.

Cafe Red Ginger in PLQ

Red Cafe Menu

The menu boards on the wall (see photos below) give you an idea of the food available at Red Ginger and the prices. There is also an online menu (see link at the end of the post). However, it is the kind of place where you basically just point to what you want.

Red Ginger in PLQ Menu
Menu of Red Ginger Cafe at PLQ Mall
Red Ginger Curry Fish Head Set

Nasi Padang & Laksa

We went for lunch at Cafe Red Ginger and had 2 plates of Nasi Padang ($7 and $6.50) and a bowl of laksa ($4.80).

Red Ginger Cafe Nasi Padang

The portion was fairly generous. We liked the curry chicken and enjoyed the sayur lodeh. The beef rendang was not bad though it was the type with the wet paste. It was flavourful and the meat was tender.

Red Ginger Cafe Nasi Padang

The laksa was a fairly straightforward dish that was well done. The curry broth had a nice aroma and was tasty.

Red Ginger Laksa

Kueh Kueh & Tea

Red Ginger in PLQ

We also tried a few of the traditional kuehs kuehs ($1.20 each) and had hot tea and coffee ($1.60 to $2) there. The Kueh Lapis was average but the Kueh Lopes, or glutinous rice in a triangle shape with grated coconut and gula Melaka, was a delectable dessert. The red bean cake was not too sweet and quite enjoyable.

Red Ginger Kueh

All Day Dining Cafe

Cafe Red Ginger in PLQ Mall is a nice all day dining cafe. It opens early, The staff are friendly and cheerful. The cafe has a nice range of food and you can find something nice and affordable whether you want breakfast, a satisfying meal or just a light snack.

Red Ginger Cafe Paya Lebar

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Red Ginger
Paya Lebar Quarter #B2-31
60 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409051

Tel: +65 6909 8551


Nearby MRT Station: Paya Lebar


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Thinking critically is quite different from unthinkingly critical. - Ong Yee Kung quote
Thinking critically is quite different from unthinkingly critical. – Ong Yee Kung

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