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Hot Date with Mister Wu in CHIJMES (Closed)

We had a lunch date in CHIJMES and was immediately attracted to Mister Wu. You know that this is a food blog and so you know this is not going to be a steamy account of an exciting encounter with a tall and handsome gentleman. What we found irresistible about Mister Wu in CHIJMES is that the new teahouse & bar has a great set lunch deal for only 12++.

Mister Wu in CHIJMES

Wu Jue Nong

The name of the teahouse – Mister Wu – is a tribute to modern Chinese tea sage, Wu Jue Nong. The researcher has numerous publications including the acclaimed “Blueprint for the Revival of China Tea’s Industry” published in 1935 and “A Critique of the Classics of Tea” in 1979.

Mister Wu in CHIJMES

Mister Wu in CHIJMES

Mister Wu started business as a modern teahouse in Pickering Street. The new outlet in CHIJMES is located among a row of restaurants in the block running parallel to North Bridge Road, just opposite Raffles City. The shop space is taken up by the kitchen and bar. Only a few bar stools are available at the bar. The main seating area is on the other side of the corridor. It is a sheltered al fresco dining space. The fans are there but under the Singapore midday sun, a lunch date there will be a hot one.

Mister Wu in CHIJMES
Mister Wu in CHIJMES

Mister Wu Menu

Mister Wu in CHIJMES has a lunch menu and a dinner menu. Both are simple and straightforward. There is a selection of Chinese tea, la mian noodles, dim sum and desserts for lunch. The dinner menu has a few meat and seafood dishes in addition to salad, dim sum and la mian. Below are pictures of the menu of Mister Wu in CHIJMES .

Dinner Menu of Mister Wu in CHIJMES
Menu of Mister Wu in CHIJMES

The set lunch is very attractively priced at $12++ (or $15++ depending on the choice of mains). The set lunch comprises a main dish of your choice, a dim sum basket and a choice of signature teas.

Set Lunch at Mister Wu

We ordered two lunch sets – opting for the Mister Wu-ton Dry La Main and Tangy Fish Soup La Main and selecting Xiao Long Boas and Mango Prawn Rolls from the dim sum section. As we were feeling the heat sultry mid day weather, we asked for iced Jade Monkey with Lemon tea and Young Master Pu Erh with Rosebud tea to complete our sets.

La Mian & Dim Sum Mister Wu in CHIJMES
Set Lunch at Mister Wu in CHIJMES

The iced teas were served first and they other items came out in no particular order. The Mango Prawn Rolls were quite large and looked like stuffed you tiao found in seafood restaurant. They were crispy and were quite delicious. The Xiao Long Boas looked like the usual xlb but we found the skins to be a bit too thick and tough.

 Mister Wu Dim Sum in CHIJMES
Set Lunch at Mister Wu in CHIJMES

The Mister Wu-ton Dry La Main had good looks but lacked personality. The dry la mian had minimal amount of sauce and was rather bland. The wantons were not bad.

Mister Wu  dry la mian

The better bowl of la mian, and the most enjoyable item of the meal, was the Tangy Fish Soup La Main. It had a light broth with fish slices, salted vegetables, bean sprouts, half a soft boiled eggand other ingredients. There was a nice mix of textures. The bowl of noodles was flavourful with the natural sweetness of the fish discernible; and the slight tanginess of the broth added a nice kick.

Mister Wu La Mian Soup

The iced teas were very refreshing on a hot afternoon. The Jade Monkey with Lemon tea was especially delightful.

Mister Wu Tea

Good Value but too hot for comfort

We thought the 12++ set lunch of Mister Wu was great value. Their interesting selection of Chinese teas will also be a good reason to visit Mister Wu in CHIJMES. However, aside from the Tangy Fish Soup La Main and tea, the other items we had for lunch was not particularly exciting or memorable. Our capacity to enjoy food might have been affected by the afternoon heat. Perhaps we should have a dinner date with Mister Wu instead – the evening will be cool and a seafood la main with Hibiki Whisky is on the dinner menu.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 5
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

30 Victoria Street
#01-11/12 CHIJMES
Singapore 187996

Tel: +65 6781 3833

Opening Hours:
11.30 am – 2.30 pm; 6 pm – 10 pm

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