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The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House, NUSS

The new Mandalay Guild House is the third clubhouse of the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS). It is located on Mandalay Road, near the National Skin Centre. It is mainly a wine and dine place with some facilities for meetings and classes. We had lunch at The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House. We will also show you pictures of the other facilities at the end of this post.

The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House, NUSS
The Restaurant @ Mandalay

The Bar @ Mandalay Guild House

The Bar @ Mandalay Guild House, NUSS
The Bar @ Mandalay, NUSS

The ground floor of the new Mandalay Guild House is taken up by a bar and a restaurant. They are simply referred to as The Bar @ Mandalay and The Restaurant @ Mandalay respectively. The bar has longer opening hours. It is quite an attractive place with a calm ambience (at least when we were there in the day). What impressed us the most was its nice collection of Single Malt Whisky. With more than 30 types available, this is a good place to get acquainted with this drink.

Food from the Restaurant can also be ordered from the Bar. Depending on your tastes, the Bar could be an even nicer place to eat. The sizes of the bar and restaurant are modest than the other Guildhouses (see our post on the Bistro at Suntec) but the feel is more cosy.

The Bar @ Mandalay – single malt whisky list

The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House

The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House, NUSS

The Restaurant is a pleasant place with an outdoor patio area. We would prefer the outdoor area if the weather is not too hot. It looks out into the large garden. The atmosphere overall is casual and relaxed. An appropriate dress code

The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House, NUSS
The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House, NUSS

Here are pictures of some pages from the menu of The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House. Some set lunch options are available on weekdays. The NUSS website describes the food as “… the homely flavours of Colonial Hainanese cuisine“. This reminds us of the retro era of Western restaurants helmed by Hainanese chefs. It has been a long time since we saw Chicken Maryland on a menu!

The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House Menu

The Food

It was easy to decide our first dish – oxtail stew ($18), a dish which we associate with “Colonial Hainanese” cuisine. The one served at The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House came with a healthy portion of vegetables. The meat was well cooked and fell off the bone easily. The gravy was fine but we thought it could be more complex and beefy.

Beef Stew

We tried a steak and cheese melt sandwich ($15). It was a large sandwich. Plain looking when it was served with the slice of bread covering the whole thing, it looked better when we removed the top layer. There was a generous amount of beef. It was not too cheesy which is a good thing for us. This dish could be breakfast for two persons with small appetites.

Other Facilities at Mandalay Guild House

In addition to the F & B outlets on the ground floor, there are some facilities upstairs, including a meeting room. It is a good sized boardroom that accommodates about 16 people. I suppose catering can be provided by the restaurant below.

The Boardroom @ Mandalay Guild House, NUSS
Meeting Room

Classes are conducted at the studio which is next to the meeting room. At the moment it seems that yoga, pilates and qigong etc classes are being conducted. There are modestly sized locker rooms available with shower facilities.

The Studio @ Mandalay Guild House, NUSS

Overall, we were impressed with the new Restaurant @ Mandalay. It is tranquil and tastefully furnished. Service was friendly and professional.

Parking at Mandalay

There are only about 20 surface parking lots around the clubhouse. The parking rate is reasonable – $0.60 per hour; $2.50 per entry after 6pm. These lots are reserved for NUSS Guild House members only. They have to register their cars beforehand. A $20 surcharge is imposed on unregistered cars. Registration can be done in person or online at the NUSS website. We understand that online registration may not take effect instantly. So it is best to register in advance.

For guests and unregistered cars, there is a large public carpark nearby – 20 metres down the road. It is a new carpark without trees and shade. The members’ carpark is much nicer.

The Restaurant @ Mandalay Guild House, NUSS

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Mandalay Guild House
2 Mandalay Rd
Singapore 308206

Tel: +65 6586 3290

NUSS Website

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