Wursthans Switzerland in PLQ Mall

Wursthaus Switzerland is a new casual dining restaurant in Paya Lebar Quarter serving sausages and rosti as well as Swiss meatloaf, rostisserie chicken, sandwiches, soups, salads, tarts and desserts. It is an affordable restaurant in a convenient location to enjoy Swiss cuisine in Singapore.

Wursthans Switzerland (Paya Lebar Quarter)

There are many restaurants and cafes that started operations in Paya Lebar Quarter or PLQ since August (see our post of 30 August 2019). Even more F&B outlets have opened for business by the time of the official opening of Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) on 24 October 2019. Wursthaus Switzerland is one of the several new restaurants that have just opened at the end of October.

Wursthans Switzerland (Paya Lebar Quarter)
Wursthans Switzerland PLQ Mall

The casual dining restaurant is located on the road level of PLQ Mall just opposite Starbucks. The place is not big and has a contemporary relaxed atmosphere. There are bar counter seats and a few high bar tables.

Wursthans Switzerland PLQ Mall

Wursthaus Switzerland in PLQ Mall is a self service restaurant. There is an automatic ordering kiosk but was not yet in operation when we visited the restaurant. Orders and payments are made at the cashier’s counter. You collect your food and drinks when the number on your receipt is flashed on the screen above the cashier’s counter. A problem with the current arrangement is that the screen showing the order number cannot be seen by most of those seated on one of the counter seats. The issue should be easily rectified by adding one or two strategically placed screens.

Wursthans Switzerland PLQ Mall

Wursthans Switzerland Menu

According to MySwitzerland website, “Swiss cuisine combines influences from the German, French and North Italian cuisine” and typical dishes include raclette, rösti and a variety of sausages. In multi-lingual Switzerland, dishes can be called by different names. For example, the traditional sausage produced in Switzerland with a mix of beef, pork and pork rind, bacon and seasonings, is called Cervelas in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Cervelat in the German-speaking part, and Servelat in the Italian-speaking part.

Cervelat and Bratwursts feature prominently in the menu of Wursthans Switzerland. However, the menu has adequate variety as grilled meats, chicken, savoury tarts and soups are also available. Below are pictures of pages of the Wursthans Switzerland Menu.

Wursthans Switzerland Menu
Wursthans Switzerland Meals Menu
Menu of Wursthans in Singapore
Wursthans Meals Menu

Wursthans Switzerland Meals

We ordered two meals at Wursthans Switzerland in PLQ Mall – the Swiss Veal Sausage Meal ($16.90 plus a$1.50 addon) and the Swiss Meatloaf Meal ($11.90).

Wursthans Switzerland Meals

The Swiss Meatloaf Meal consisted of a meatloaf sandwich with salad and iced elderflower tea. The iceberg lettuce was really crunchy and refreshing. A large slice of meatloaf was between the lightly toasted ciabatta bread. The meatloaf tasted like a denser version of luncheon meat. It was flavourful and enjoyable. Adding a little mustard enhanced the taste.

Wursthans Switzerland Meatloaf
Wursthans Meatloaf
Wursthans Switzerland Sausage

The Swiss Veal Sausage Meal allowed for a choice of rosti or spatzli, the latter would invlove an addon of $1.50. We opted the try the spatzli which was a pasta made from eggs. We were glad with our choice as the spatzli had a creamy, eggy deliciousness. The meal also came with roasted vegetables and elderflower tea. The main item of the meal was of course the veal sausage. The grilled sausage had fine texture and mild flavours.

Wursthans Switzerland Sausage

The rounded off our lunch at Wursthans Switzerland in PLQ Mall with a slice of Homemade Apple Tart ($5.90). It was not quite like the usual apple tarts. The buttery pie crust was thin at the bottom and there was a luscious creamy custard coating the sliced apples. It was not too sweet and was very enjoyable.

Wursthans Apple pie

What does Wursthans Mean

What does Wursthans mean? According to Wursthans Switzerland’s post on their Facebook Page, “Wursthans is a German wordplay, derived from the word “Hanswurst” where “Wurst” which means sausage, while “Hans” is a common German first name so Wursthans: (wʊəst’hans) Hans, the sausage expert or Hans, who lives for sausages”. So Wursthans is not related to local cafe Han’s. Nevertheless, like Singapore’s Han’s (which is perhaps best known for their popular Hainanese pork chop), Wursthans Switzerland in PLQ Mall is an unpretentious casual dining restaurant with reasonable prices; and their meatloaf and sausages are quite a bit better than the luncheon meat and sausages you may find in Han’s.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Wursthaus Switzerland
#01-13A Pay Lebar Quarter
10 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409057

Nearby MRT Station: Paya Lebar

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