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Monocle Cafe Marylebone, London

Monocle Cafe Marylebone is a cute cafe that we ran into on our recent trip to London. We did not have to eat, but could not resist making a coffee stop when we saw it whilst wandering around the Marylebone area.

Monocle Cafe Marylebone, London

Marylebone is not an area we are familiar with so we decided to explore it on our trip. The name is familiar because Marylebone Station is one of the railway squares on the Monopoly board. It is a very nice neighbourhood with lots of little shops and restaurants. The Monocle Cafe along Chiltern Road is one such place.

Monocle Cafe Marylebone, London

We are familiar with the Monocle Magazine. The magazine that writes about all kinds of topics, such as travel, lifestyle and culture. According to their website, “(o)ur little café in Chiltern Street is the place to pick up the latest issue of the magazine and bump into fellow Monocle readers. As well as delicious Allpress coffee, Swedish pastries and Italian wine, there’s a fresh new lunch menu on offer.”

It is a small cafe with character. There are some seats on the ground floor. There is a basement with more seats but first we had to deal with a steep stairway. It is a windowless place, so we headed back upstairs and took up two spaces next to a window.

Monocle Cafe Marylebone, London

Trays of pastries were on the counter. We picked a cinnamon bun to go with our coffee.

Monocle Cafe Marylebone, London

Monocle Cafe Marylebone, London

Here are pictures of our food, drinks and Monocle magazine at the Monocle Cafe Marylebone. Both the coffee and bun were good. We will probably not go out of our way to eat at this cafe. But it is certainly a nice place we would be happy to pop into whenever we are in the area for a bite to eat.

Monocle London Café
18 Chiltern Street

Tel: +44 20 7135 2040 

Opening Hours:
Mon-Tue-Wed 07.00–19.00
Thu-Fri 07.00–20.00
Saturday 08.00–20.00
Sunday 08.00–19.00

Kitchen opening hours:
Mon-Tue-Wed 07.00–17.00
Thur-Fi 07.00–18.00
Sat 08.00–18.00
Sun 08.00–17.00

happy hour from 17.30 till closing time every day!

Bank Holidays 08.00–19.00


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