Just Dough Suntec City, an alternative to kaya toast & kopi

Just Dough Suntec City serves a wide variety of food. But the star attraction are their steamed buns. They are basically like man tou, but produced in many flavours and appearances. These buns are also served with coffee and half boiled eggs and sold as a breakfast set. Which makes them a colourful alternative to the popular kopi and kaya toast sets we find at coffee shops.

Just Dough Suntec City Buns
Just Dough Suntec City
Just Dough Suntec City Cafe

Just Dough is located in basement one of Suntec City, next to the Suntec Fountain of Wealth. The brightness of the space makes it attractive. There is a food preparation area behind the counter. What we saw was a neat and clean space. It gave us a good impression.

Just Dough Suntec City Menu of Buns and Prices

Over ten flavours of buns can be found at Just Dough. They range from plain mantou ($1.20) to curry potato mushroom ($2.20) and Banana Choc ($1.70). The colourful buns can be found in the display cases. Customers can self-serve and pick them for take away. They can be easily steamed up at home. For customers dining in, hot steamed ones are kept warm in the steamers. We decided to try a yam bun ($2.10) with coffee.

Just Dough Suntec City Shredded coconut buns

Just Dough Suntec City Menu

Here are pictures of some portions of the Just Dough menu. There are more than buns on the menu, but they do take centrestage. The all day breakfast looks interesting. A toasted mantou with kaya, 2 half-boiled eggs and a hot drink for $4 sounds reasonable. It looks like the usual kaya toast set we find in coffee shops, except that bread is replaced by man tou.

Just Dough Suntec City breakfast menu
Just Dough Suntec City drinks menu

Yam Bun and Coffee

It was hard to decide which bun to try. We decided on a yam bun ($2.10) to eat with our coffee. It was a pleasant bun with a mild yam taste. The coffee at Just Dough Suntec City was similar to a cup of local coffee from a good coffee shop. In short, we were glad to have checked out Just Dough Suntec City. It is certainly a place we will bear in mind as a substitute for our usual kopi and kaya toast stops. The dining space is bright and spacious.

Just Dough
#B1-169 Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard

Opening Hours: 07:30 – 21:00



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