Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant at Sunset Way (木亮仔亮记餐馆)

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant (木亮仔亮记餐馆) opened at Sunset Way, Singapore earlier this year. The long name indicates that it is run by the son of Ng Bak Liang, the founder of the original Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant. The Sunset Way cluster of restaurant (just off Clementi Road) has seen several changes recently and we are happy to see a traditional Teochew restaurant set up in this area. We were there for lunch recently.

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant at Sunset Way

According to the Facebook page of Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee, the original Liang Kee Restaurant was started in 1974 at Ellenborough Market by Mr Ng Bak Liang, a Teochew immigrant from China. This restaurant at Sunset Way is run by his fifth son, Mr Ng Hong Seng.

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant at Sunset Way

The new Teochew Restaurant at Sunset Way is a simple and no-frills type of restaurant, like the Chinese restaurants of Singapore from the good old days. Another good tradition that they have carried forward is a no corkage policy – free BYO everyday. We arrived with a bottle of white wine. Our neighbouring table also came prepared with their own bottle of sake. We are not the only ones that like this tradition. But do not expect any wine service, other than opening the bottle, it was essentially DIY wine service, which was fine with us. It is a small restaurant with several tables indoors and some outside (non-airconditioned).

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Menu

The Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee menu contains the usual traditional Teochew restaurant dishes. Here are pictures of a few sample pages from the menu.

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant at Sunset Way
Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant Menu

Our Food

Our lunch started off with fried prawn rolls ($9). The rolls were rather fat and substantial. The taste was very good with all the many ingredients in this popular tze char dish blending well together. This would go well with both wine and sake.

Deep-fried Prawn Rolls

Our next dish was a classic Teochew restaurant dish – braised duck ($16). This was prepared and served in a traditional way – thick duck slices, coriander and a vinegar with garlic dip. The duck was slightly dry as it had hardly any fat but it was very tender. It had a nice flavour without any gamey duck issues. Eaten with the gravy and a light dip into the vinegar, it had a pleasant taste.

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Our final dish of fried crayfish with sambal chilli ($36) was our favourite dish. It was a generous serving of fat, juicy crayfish. The sambal was mildly spicy but rich in taste. We will want to order this again at our next visit.

Fried crayfish with sambal chilli

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant at Sunset Way is a nice Teochew restaurant in the western part of Singapore. Tradition Teochew dishes served in a no-frills setting in a quiet HDB neighbourhood.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Mu Liang Zai Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant
Blk106 Clementi Street 12 (Off Sunset Way) #01-38 /40 /42
Singapore 120106

Tel: +65 8119 8489

Opening Hours 11:30 – 14:30, 17:30 – 22:00


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