Affordable Teochew Porridge Buffet at ManLe City Square Mall (Closed)

Teochew Moi or Teochew porridge is comfort food relished by many Singaporeans. It is no secret that Singaporeans love buffets. So a Teochew Porridge Buffet is an effective formula to attract diners to a restaurant. 满乐 ManLe at City Square Mall ensures that it will attract a crowd by making the buffet price a good one. The All Day Teochew Porridge Buffet is priced at $12.90 for weekday lunch and $16.90 for dinner and weekend lunch.

满乐 MANLE Teochew Porridge Buffet - City Square Mall

MANLE at City Square

ManLe Restaurant is located in Basement 1 of City Square Mall. Although the restaurant is in the mall, the entrance of the restaurant faces the naturally ventilated Fountain Square. So you have to walk out of the air-conditioned mall into the open courtyard area to get into ManLe (see directions map at the end of the post).

满乐 MANLE Teochew Porridge Buffet - City Square Mall

满乐 Manle is part of the ASTONS Group, known for offering food of decent quality to the masses in a nice cosy setting at affordable prices. ManLe does not deviate from the basic ASTONS formula. ManLe at City Square is quite spacious and has tables of various shapes and sizes to cater to big groups, a small family or just a couple.

MANLE Teochew Porridge Buffet - City Square Mall

All Day Teochew Porridge Buffet

The concept at Manle at City Square is straightforward. It offers All Day Teochew Porridge Buffet – all you can eat at an affordable price.

MANLE All Day Teochew Porridge Buffet from $12.90+

It is unpretentious. The place looks neat and clean. Food stations are functional. The buffet spread offers more than 40 traditional and modern Teochew dishes as well as desserts, fruits and beverages.

MANLE Teochew Porridge Buffet
Teochew Porridge Buffet - City Square Mall

You will find the familiar items associated with Teochew porridge including salted eggs, cabbage, minced pork, chye poh omelette, tau pok, pickles and fermented tofu

Teochew Porridge Buffet  at Man Le
Teochew Porridge Buffet  at Man Le

There are also dishes like la la, fish cakes, chicken feet, pork trotter and ngoh hiang.

One of the most popular items at ManLe Teochew Porridge Buffet would be the fish cheeks. Steamed in typical Teochew style, the fish was quite good, if only we could find less scales on the fish.

满乐 MANLE Fish Cheeks
满乐 MANLE Roasted Chicken
满乐 MAN LE Roasted Chicken

ManLe had a Roasted Chicken Station and a DIY Prawn Noodle Station. We tried both the items and enjoyed them.

满乐 MANLE Prawn Noodles
满乐 MAN LE Prawn Noodles
满乐 MANLE Desserts

There were desserts like green bean soup as well as cakes and free flow of hot and iced teas.

Nice Food Good Value

Other than the fish cheeks, nothing in particular stood out at ManLe Teochew Porridge Buffet. Generally, the food was homely. It was neither exciting nor memorable but tasty enough and satisfying. ManLe Restaurant has a good variety of dishes and you get to enjoy the food in a clean pleasant air-conditioned setting. Considering that the price of ManLe Teochew Porridge Buffet is not that much more than what we may have to pay for a meal of economic rice, dessert and drink at a coffeeshop or food centre, we think ManLe buffet is very good value for money.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Chope Reservations
ManLe @ City Square - Directions

ManLe City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road, #B1-01/-02
Singapore 208539

Tel: +65 6634 2538

11.30am – 4pm
Monday to Friday
Adult $12.90+
Child $8.90+ (6-12 years old)

Adult $16.90+
Child $12.90+ (6-12 years old)

5pm – 10pm
Monday to Sunday
Adult $16.90+
Child $12.90+ (6-12 years old)

Nearby MRT Station: Farrer Park

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Singapore is not a clean city. It’s a cleaned city. – Liak Teng Lit

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