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Cafe de Muse, New 24 Hour Cafe at Isetan Scotts

Cafe de Muse is a new 24 hour cafe that opened at Isetan Scotts, Shaw House. It opened at the end of 2019 but we only got to visit them in 2020. There are not many new 24 hour eateries in Singapore. A 24 hour restaurant in the heart of Orchard Road with easy access directly from street level is something to get excited about. The new Cafe de Muse has are two sections. A 24 hour cafe is located on the ground floor, at the front section of the Isetan department store. I believe there are partitions to isolate it from the store after Isetan opening hours. The Cafe de Muse Dessert Bar is on level 2 and opens from 11 am to 9 pm.

Cafe de Muse, 24 Hour Cafe at Isetan Scotts

Update: new Opening Hours

Cafe de Muse @ Ground floor Isetan Scotts

Cafe de Muse, 24 Hour Cafe at Orchard Road

The 24 hour cafe on the ground floor is the main section. It serves coffee, tea, cocktails, hot food, and Signature Desserts. It occupies the front part of Isetan Scotts that faces Orchard Road. It is prime space and is nicely done up in a art deco kind of way.

Cafe de Muse Dessert Bar @ Isetan Scotts Level 2

Cafe de Muse, Dessert Bar, Level 2 Isetan Scotts

The Dessert Bar is a smaller place on level 2 but it looks more attractive. The tall tables next to the windows with a direct view of Orchard Road and Wheelock Place is the perfect place to watch the world go by. It reminded us of what Selfridges had done in London – installing the glamorous Brasserie of Light Restaurant on the second level of their prime frontage along Oxford Street.

The menu at The Dessert Bar is more limited. It serves coffee, tea, desserts and pastries.

Dessert Bar at Isetan Scotts


Here are pictures of some portions of the menu at the Cafe and the Dessert Bar.

Cafe de Muse Menu Isetan Scotts
Cafe de Muse Singapore Menu (Jan 2020)
Cafe de Muse Isetan Scotts Menu with prices
Cafe Menu
Cafe Menu
Dessert Bar Menu
Dessert Bar Menu


I must admit that my expectations were not high that day. 24 hour cafes have to be in production all day long. Dishes have to be simple, satisfying and hopefully delicious as well. Whether or not it was because of our lowered expectations, the food turned out to be pretty good.

Cafe de Muse,  Isetan Orchard Brunch

The chicken quesadilla ($12 pictures above) and the pumpkin pasta ($22, picture below) were not gourmet dishes but good enough for brunch. They were also nicely presented. The yellow pumpkin puree made the pasta look like mee goreng but the taste of pumpkin, sun-dried tomato, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts blended surprisingly well.

The best hot dish was the grilled salmon ($28, picture below). The fish was nicely cooked and served with quinoa salad, cucumber cumin salsa. It is the kind of dish that I could eat if I am hungry at any time of the day.

Grilled Salmon

Bingsu & Coffee

While the main part of the meal at Cafe de Muse in Isetan proceeded well enough, the best part arrived at the end. I think the quality of their offerings went up a notch when it came to coffee and dessert. A number of Korean shaved ice desserts, bingsu, were available on display. We picked the Green Tea Bingsu ($15.50) to go with some coffee.

Cafe de Muse, Bingsu & Coffee at Isetan Scotts
Green Tea Bingsu

The Green Tea Bingsu was a hill of shaved ice with a treasure trove of red beans buried underneath. A combination of green tea powder, chewy bits and some sliced almonds provided the flavouring from the top. The coffee was just as good.

Cafe de Muse, Bingsu & Coffee at Isetan Scotts

The new Cafe de Muse at Isetan Scotts is a welcome addition to the dining scene at Orchard. When we need to eat or simply meeting up with a friend, this 24 hour cafe at Orchard Road will the place that comes to mind.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Cafe de Muse Singapore
350 Orchard Road Isetan Scotts
Shaw House, #01-K5/K6 & #02-K4
Singapore 238868

Opening Hours:
Level 1: Speciality Coffee & Brunch Cafe
Open 24 hours
Coffee, Tea, Cocktails, Brunch, Signature Desserts

Level 2: Dessert Café
11 am to 9 pm
Coffee, Tea, Desserts, Pastries

Nearby MRT Station: Orchard


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Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24-hour days. - Zig Ziglar  quote
Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24-hour days. – Zig Ziglar

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  1. Have to queue 45 minutes to get into Cafe de muse. Staff is not trained. Cannot remember order, kept coming back to reconfirm. When serving, waiter doesn’t know what drinks they are serving.

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