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Trendy restaurants with exotic dishes may be exciting. However, sometimes we just want to have some wholesome predictable food in a convenient location. Cedele Bakery Kitchen fits the bill perfectly when we are in Raffles City and want a simple casual meal for physical nourishment.

Cedele Bakery Kitchen - Raffles City

There used to be a Cedele restaurant in a quiet corner on the third level of Raffles City and a Cedele bakery in the basement. Now there is just a Cedele Bakery Kitchen in Basement 1, occupying a prime space near the popular water fountain. Cedele Raffles City is a self service casual diner. Order and pay and the counter and collect your food and beverages when prompted by the buzzer device.

Cedele Bakery Kitchen - Raffles City

Menu of Cedele Raffles City

Cedele or Bakery Depot have built their business on serving wholesome food using natural and unrefined ingredients. In recent years, Cedele Bakery Kitchen has been rolling out new menus with options for clean eating and plant-based dishes. Cedele Bakery Kitchen Raffles City offers plant-based burgers and vegan dishes like miso tofu and falafel tomato pasta. Below are picture of the simple menu of Cedele Raffles City. Sandwiches, salad, cakes and pastries are also available.

Menu of Cedele Raffles City
All day breakfast Cedele Bakery Kitchen - Raffles City

Lunch at Cedele Raffles City

We had lunch at Cedele Raffles City recently and ordered Beef Meatball Bolognese Pasta ($19) with a $3 addon for soup of the day, Rosemary Chicken Sandwich ($8.50) plus $3 addon for coffee, BLT Sandwich ($8.50) and Bacon & Egg Cheese Burger ($16).

Pasta & Soup

Cedele Raffles City Pasta

The Beef Meatball Pasta was nicely presented with a stack of two meatballs sitting on linguine in a rich tomato sauce. The pasta was cooked just right and the sauce had a nice balance of tartness and sweetness which combined well the savoury gound meat. The ping pong sized meatballs were juicy and tender but not spongy and had a nice meaty flavour.

We enjoyed the pasta and the soup of the day, which was a tasty cream of mushroom soup.


Rosemary Chicken Sandwich was a decent sandwich for the health conscious. The rosemary herb-flavoured chicken, a white meat that has lower fat and cholesterol, came with wholemeal bread and fresh lettuce and tomato. The best part of the sandwich was the cranberry sauce.

Cedele Raffles City Sanwich
Cedele Bakery Kitchen Raffles City

The classic BLT sandwich looked very simple and dull but it was delicious. Bacon, lettuce and tomato between two slices of lightly toasted bread could be a delight if done right and Cedele Bakery Kitchen had done their BLT really well. Every part was good – bacon that was cooked till crispy perfection, thick slices of juicy tomatoes and fresh crispy lettuce – and everything combined well for a very delectable sandwich.


Cedele’s Bacon & Egg Cheese Burger came with sweet potato fries. The hearty burger was as delectable as it looked. The cheesy grilled burger, with crispy bacon and fried egg might not be the most healthy dish of the day but it was certainly the most enjoyable. It was packed full of flavours and complementing textures and just something that would make us want to go back to Cedele again.

Cedele Raffles City Burger

Simple Good Food

Cedele Bakery Kitchen is an unpretentious casual dining restaurant that serves good food prepared with quality ingredients. Whether you are a champion for clean and green eating or a die hard meat eater you should be able to find something you like there. There are many F&B outlets in Raffles City – from fine dining restaurants with dishes which we could not pronouce to specialty restaurants offering cuisines of many tribes and nations. But when we want wholesome food that is predictable and recognisable yet tasty and affordable, Cedele Raffles City always comes to mind.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 4 tops

Cedele Bakery Kitchen
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-44M, Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103

Tel: +65-6974 3914

Opening Hours: 8 am – 10 pm

Nearby MRT Stations: City Hall, Bras Basah


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