Whiskit Bakery & Cafe – Ondeh Tart & Coffee in Chinatown

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe is a quiet place to have dessert and coffee in Chinatown. It is located in Hong Lim Complex, the building with the URA carpark next to Chinatown Point. We think that Chinatown Point is one of the most bustling places in Singapore throughout the day. Whiskit Bakery & Cafe is a quiet cafe in Chinatown to have coffee and dessert, away from the crowds.

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

The bakery and cafe is small and cosy. It feels like someone has decorated it with a feminine touch, particularly the wall of flowers. We had been to Whiskit Bakery & Cafe several times. These pictures are a compilation of what we have taken on various visits over many months.

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

Some savoury items were on the menu some months ago. We have tried a few but were not impressed by them. What we have done is to brave the crowds and have lunch at the nearby hawker centres or the numerous restaurants in Chinatown Point and adjourn to Whiskit Bakery & Cafe to cool down and have some dessert and coffee.

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe menu
Whiskit Bakery & Cafe Menu

Cakes and pastries are the mainstays at Whiskit. An enticing array of the cakes can be seen in the display. We have tried various ones but the two that have impressed us the most are the Gianduja and the Ondeh tart

The Gianduja is made with hazelnut biscuit with a layer of roasted caramelised almonds enveloped in Valrhona Gianduja mousse is recommended for those who like a chocolate dessert.

Gianduja ($8.50) - hazelnut, caramelized almonds and  Valrhona Gianduja mousse

We never fail to be impressed by the Ondeh Tart. Described as a French-inspired tart with local flavours, it is a tart with a bunch of tiny ondeh ondeh balls. I believe most of us are familiar with the Peranakan dessert onde-onde. These delicious glutinous rice balls filled are filled with liquid gula melaka (palm sugar). Except that each of these is a fraction of the normal size. I can only imagine the handy work that goes into the making of these.

Coffee and ondeh tart is one of the things we look forward to on our visits to Whiskit Cafe. The coffee is pretty good as well, but the latte artwork is sometimes not the most beautiful that we have seen.

Avocado Milkshake ($5)
Avocado Milkshake

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe
533 Upper Cross Street #01-33
Singapore 048421

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 11 am to 8 pm
Closed on Sundays

Nearby MRT Station: Chinatown

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You haven't learned how to live until you've learned how to give.  - Kirk Douglas   quote
You haven’t learned how to live until you’ve learned how to give. – Kirk Douglas

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