The Green Ducklings have a New Menu (Closed)

The Green Ducklings have a new counter and a new menu. They have changed the colour of their chairs to a shade of green. The lovely bakery cafe looks slightly different but some good things remain the same. The Green Ducklings still make delightful cakes & pastries fresh on the premises and they still serve great coffee and enjoyable food.

The Green Ducklings Bakery Cafe

We had visited The Green Ducklings Cafe when it was first opened 2018 (see our earlier blog post – The Green Ducklings – plain chicken to beautiful prawn). After 2 years, the small bakery cafe at The Concourse on Beach Road had undergone a little nip and tuck. Small changes that tell us that the ducklings are improving and growing; and they are still passionate about the food they serve and the look of the space.

The Green Ducklings Cafe

The interior looks cozy and welcoming. Outdoor dining on the Concourse Skyline Terrace is available.

The Green Ducklings Cakes

Cakes and a good variety of tempting pastries are made on the premises and available for take-away or to be enjoyed in the cafe. They take orders for a whole cake, which can be customised.

The Green Ducklings Pastries

The Green Ducklings Menu

The biggest change made by The Green Ducklings is the introduction of a brand new menu. The menu used to be on a single laminated sheet. It is now a nicely printed booklet with well taken photographs. It is more extensive and offers more variety. Prices have been adjusted but not all upwards. For example, the pasta dishes are now more affordably priced. Below are pictures of pages of the new menu of The Green Ducklings.

The Green Ducklings Breakfast Menu
The Green Ducklings Menu
The Green Ducklings Rice Bowl Menu
The Green Ducklings Snacks Menu
The Green Ducklings Drinks Menu

The prices shown on the menu are nett prices – no GST or service charge would be added to the bill.


We went to The Green Ducklings at The Concourse for lunch. We ordered Shabu Pork Rice Bowl ($13) and Meatball Pasta ($14). A latte was $5.

Shabu Pork Rice Bowl

The Shabu Pork Rice Bowl with the pinkish mentaiko sauce looked like some abstract art piece. The nice aroma was the next thing we noticed. There was quite a generous portion of tender flavourful pork. The homey Japanese pork rice bowl given a slight twist was delicious and satisfying.

Shabu Pork Rice Bowl
The Meatball Pasta

The Meatball Pasta was a straightforward dish that hit the mark. The pasta was nicely cooked. The meatballs were roughly the size of ping pong balls. They were tender and tasted like quality meat, not filler. The housemade sauce using fresh ingredients was the best part of the dish. The simple tomato sauce was tasty with the right amount of sweetness and tartness. Pasta + meatballs + tomato sauce + cheese as garnishing – and the result was a meatball pasta dish that had rich flavours and very palatable.

Meatball Pasta with housemade sauce
Friendly Affordable Cafe

The well-crafted latte was good. We have always enjoyed the coffee at this cosy cafe at The Concourse. We understand that coffee is home-roasted and ground onsite.

Friendly Affordable Cafe

The Green Ducklings have been ‘wobbling around’ for just over two years. We can see the effort they put into many small details in improving the cafe. The new menu which offers more choices is a great step forward. Managed and run by their young owners, The Green Ducklings is a place that makes you feel welcomed with sincere hospitality. You feel comfortable and at home when you are there. If they keep delivering good freshly made food at affordable prices with warm friendly service, The Green Ducklings will be flying on a higher plane before too long.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

The Green Ducklings
01-06 The Concourse
302 Beach Road
Singapore 199600

Tel: +65 9664 1518

Opening Hours:
Tues – Sun: 8 am – 7 pm
Closed on Mondays

Nearby MRT Station: Nicoll Highway

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Change before you have to. – Jack Welch

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