These snacks in Old Airport Road may be good for health

Healthy eating at a hawker centre in Singapore is possible. 富城食品 Fu Cheng Shi Pin Popiah Stall at Old Airport Road Food Centre is an example of a hawker stall where you can get delicious and healthy dishes, whether for breakfast, supper or snacks in between meals.

富城食品 Fu Cheng Shi Pin is a small old school hawker stall. It opens early in the morning and stays open till very late into the night. It does not even have an English name on its signboard. The English words on the signboard tell you what they sell – “Homemade Springroll . Springroll Skin”. Pictures and prices of popiah, kueh pie ti and muah chee are on a big lightbox.

富城食品 Fu Cheng Shi Pin is part of the Fortune Food network. You can order popiah skins and various popiah and kueh pie ti ingredients from them. DIY Popiah Set and DIY Kueh Pie Ti Set are also available.

Kueh Pie Ti

Kueh pie ti is a classic local snack or finger food. At Fu Cheng Shi Pin, the kueh pie ti comes in a set of 5 pieces for $3.50. They had thin golden brown pastry shells that were crispy. The filling and topping were generous – there were chopped turnips, vegetables, egg, shrimp, lots of crispy bits and chili paste. The combination of flavours and textures was simply delightful. Each bite was enjoyable. If you want a snack in between meals, kueh pie ti can be a delectable healthy option.


Springroll or popiah can be a healthy mini meal. Its main ingredients are vegetables and each roll is low in fat and calories.

Fu Cheng Shi Pin’s popiah costs $1.80 per roll and each one is freshly made to order. The filling was well drained before being neatly rolled in a thin popiah skin. The roll of popiah was cut into bite-sized pieces. The skin was nice and soft and did not break easily. The filling was juicy and the chilli was good. As long as you don’t take too many rolls, the popiah can make a light healthy meal that will satiate hunger and please the tastebuds.

Muah Chee

富城食品 Fu Cheng Shi Pin at Old Airport Road Food Centre also sells muah chee, which some people may eat for breakfast or as a snack or as dessert. Muah chee is essentially cut pieces of glutinous rice dough coated with a mixture of peanuts and sugar. It is like the local vesrsion of the glamorous Japanese mochi without the hype and the high price tag.

The plate of muah chee ($2.50) was quite substantial – could be shared satisfactorily between two or more. The muah chee had a nice aroma and was soft chewy and not too sticky. It was real comfort food.

So how is muah chee a healthy dish you may ask. Well, peanuts have great nutritional benefits and are a source of good fats, protein, fiber, essential minerals and vitamins. If you are still doubtful, don’t finish the whole plate yourself; share it with someone. Doing good and showing kindness can also contribute to better physical health. In any case, if eating muah chee makes you happy then that itself can be good for health. We are not just making these things up ourselves. We quote from no less than an article from Harvard Medical School

Want to feel better and improve your health? Start by focusing on the things that bring you happiness. Scientific evidence suggests that positive emotions can help make life longer and healthier.

On a more serious note, our Ministry of Health’s HealthHub says “whether a snack is considered healthy depends on the frequency, amount, calorie and type”. Check out the HealthHub ‘s article on Snacking Smart.

In any case, healthy eating means variety, balance and moderation. So we can have balance and moderation in our hawker centres in Singapore with mini meals and snacks like popiah and kueh pie ti, and for variety we can have muah chee once in a while.

富城食品 Fu Cheng Shi Pin Homemade Springroll . Springroll Skin
51 Old Airport Rd, #01-94
Singapore 390051

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Happiness is good health and a bad memory - Ingrid Bergman  quote
Happiness is good health and a bad memory – Ingrid Bergman

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