Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen @ PLQ Parkside

PLQ Mall has become a popular dining destination. Across the road from the mall is PLQ Parkside, a mini park with an outdoor playground for children. There are a few eateries around the green space. One of them is the newly opened Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen, which serves local, Western, Japanese and Thai dishes.

Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen

Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen

Multi-restaurant concept is now trendy in Singapore. We have places like Picnic @ Wisma, PasarBella @ Suntec City and Essen @ The Pinnacle. Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen is sort of a suburban multi-restaurant concept for the masses with prices at the level you will find in the regular food courts. Jasmine has a bar for beer and also serves local kopi and teh. It has a stall offering local dishes and there are stalls for Western food, Japanese dishes and Thai staples.

Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen @ PLQ Parkside occupies quite a large space on the ground level of the residential block in Paya Lebar Quarters.

There is an al fresco dining area facing the green space. The interior decor is basic. One good thing about the place is the tables are well spaced out.

Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen Paya Lebar

Jasmine Menu

The pictures below show you the range of dishes available in Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen. The prices are reasonable. We can have wanton noodles for $6, Thai green curry for $8.50, Unagi Donburi for $11.90 or Wagyu Steak for $27.90.

Lunch at Jasmine Cafe

We visited Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen @ PLQ Parkside for lunch recently. We tried a dish each from the local stall, Thai stall and Japanese stall.

The local char siew noodles ($6.60) came with a bowl of boiled wantons. The wantons were quite nice and we liked the soft texture of the noodles. The char siew and sauce were average. The portion was quite substantial.

The Thai pineapple fried rice ($6.50) looked very yellow. There were many small pieces of chicken; in fact we thought too many. It was not like the pineapple fried rice we were expecting. We would try some other dishes from the Thai stall the next time.

The scramble donburi ($6.90) was the best looking dish of the day. The scramble egg had a nice colour and was soft and on the verge of being custardy. The egg was the main attraction as the rest of the dish was rather unremarkable. in both looks and taste.

Reasonably Priced Beverages

The prices for beverages are like coffeeshop prices. A hot kopi O is $1.20 Bottle beers and draft beers are available – but no beer lady, at least we did not see any during lunch time. A glass of draft beer is $10.

The coffee came in a big mug and both the kopi O and kopi C were strong and good.

We liked the cheap and good coffee at Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen @ PLQ Parkside. The food was reasonably priced but what we tried were not anything to get excited about. Would we cross the road from PLQ Mall to visit Jasmine? Only if we want to avoid the crowded food courts during lunchtime. It should be easier to practise social distancing at Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs     3 Tops

Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen
#01-01/02/03, PLQ Parkside
10 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409057

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He who walks in the middle of the road gets hit from both sides.
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