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Bars and entertainment venues, such as clubs and cinemas, in Singapore will be closed until at least 30 April 2020 as part of the tightened measures to minimise further spread of the novel coronavirus. It may be a good time to catch up on cooking and food shows on TV and video on demand platforms. We list a few food related shows that can be viewed free without subscription.

Cooking & Food Shows

on TV

Food Shows on TV

Channel 5 | Masterchef Junior USA S7

MasterChef Junior

MasterChef Junior is an American cooking competition involving children from the ages of 8 to13. The host judges are Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi and Aarn Sanchez.

Channel 5
From 24 Mar 2020
Tuesday 7.30 pm

Channel 5 | Around The World With Manu Feildel

Around The World With Manu Feildel

Join chef and My Kitchen Rules host Manu Feildel as he embarks on a road trip of a lifetime across the world to discover the most diverse food culture in the world.

Channel 5
From 27 Mar 2020
Weekdays 12 Noon

Channel 5 | Eat the Week

Eat the week

Presented by well-known English chef Simon Rimmer, each episode will see Simon reveal how to cook recipes that will make mealtimes fun again for families, while demonstrating how to reduce waste and save time

Channel 5
From 14 Mar 2020
Saturdays 12 Noon

Video on Demand Cooking & Food Shows

CNA | Food In Our Time

CNA | Food In Our Time

Cooking is Andre Chiang’s life purpose, but he is hungry for more. He embarks on a culinary exploration, across 4 continents and 8 countries, to seek a deeper meaning of food and unearth the forces that shape how we eat, in this 3-part series.

MeWatch Video on Demand:

AFN | Sarah’s Asian Myths

 AFN | Sarah's Asian Myths

Join Sarah Huang Benjamin as she tests out some of the best practices in Asian cooking and lets you in to the secret of getting the right taste for the right dish.

AFN Video :

CNA | Vanishing Foods

CNA |   Vanishing Foods

Aun Koh, better known as Chubby Hubby, tracks down the guardians of disappearing recipes – century-old dishes that demand time and patience, yet trigger collective memories of delight, and espouse the wisdom of health and nutrition.

CNA Video on Demand :

CNA | For Food’s Sake!

CNA |  For Food’s Sake!

Channel News Asia’s series dealing with the factors and events that determine how much we pay for our food.

CNA Video on Demand :

meWatch | Food Heroes

Food Heroes is an 8-part series that covers some of Singapore’s most coveted dining spots to dissect the lives of ground-breaking local chefs and restaurateurs.

meWatch Video on Demand :

meWatch | Crave

Hosted by the affable Charlotte Mei, the runner-up of reality cooking show Eat List Star, Crave finds out what gets celebrities salivating – roti prata, roast meats, sushi, satay, salted egg ice cream, buah keluak, and even an English-style big breakfast!

meWatch Video on Demand :

meWatch | Food Empire

This food show gives viewers access to the families behind some of Singapore’s most iconic and well-loved dishes – Chilli Crab, Bak Kut Teh, Hainanese Curry and other culinary masterpieces of our tiny island.

meWatch Video on Demand :

AFN | Deliciousness with Debbie Wong

Deliciousness with Debbie Wong

Follow Debbie Wong as she finds the best places to eat and be at in Japan.

AFN Video :

CNA | Edible Wilds

CNA | Edible Wilds

Join culinary anthropologist, Nithiya Laila, as she picks, catches and digs her way through Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and Indonesia – for some very surprising ingredients – from burrowing crabs in Guangzhou, to mysterious edible fungi in Seoul and fishy-smelling tea leaves Taipei.

CNA Video on Demand :

CNA |Hawkers In Our Centre

Hawkers In Our Centre

This 2-part documentary series looks at the parallel history between Singapore’s development, and the emergence of our hawker culture, with hawkers feeding Singaporeans for over a century.

CNA Video on Demand :

CNA | In Search of Unami

In Search of Umami

Host Robert Allison, trained chef, food stylist and cookery book writer from the UK travels from Seoul and Busan, to Hanoi, Singapore, Kelantan and Kuala Lumpur to peel open the umami secrets of home-grown dishes, local condiments and sauces. This series gives audiences a comprehensive idea of how certain ingredients have been traditionally used to produce the sought-after savoury-delicious taste.

CNA Video on Demand :

CNA | Secret Delicious

CNA | Secret Delicious

Follow food writer Aun Koh as he tours Asia in search of off-menu items, hidden food gems and coveted access to spots that are completely off-the-radar.

CNA Video on Demand :

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Do not allow watching food to replace making food.
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Do not allow watching food to replace making food. – Alton Brown

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