What is the Pringles Mystery Flavour Singapore 2020?

The boss had said that we should not do paid restaurant reviews. So when the nice folks at Pringles wanted to send us cans of Pringles Mystery Flavour chips, it put us in a quandry. Should we accept and write about it?

Pringles Mystery Flavour Singapore 2020

You can guess what was our conclusion by the fact that you are reading this post. We concluded that this was neither a review nor a restaurant and was not covered by the boss’s prohibition. The excuse decision was also arrived at by consciously avoiding NUTS ( No U-Turn Syndrome by Mr Sim Wong Hoo). Therefore, what is not prohibited is permitted. That was how we got to eat some free snacks – the Pringles Mystery Flavour Singapore 2020. (and lived to write about it).

Guess the Pringles Flavour Contest

To launch a new limited-time offer flavour, Pringles is organising a promotion campaign from 1 March to 30 April 2020. Consumers can participate by buying 2 cans of Pringles and guessing the mystery flavour to get a chance to earn $5,000. This is a picture of the two cans of Pringles Mystery Flavour that were sent to us.

Pringles Mystery Flavour Singapore 2020

Do note the exact conditions about submitting receipts and writing about your favourite mystery. The t & c’s are found on the can.

Pringles Mystery Flavour Singapore 2020

There is a hint on the can – “Find your 1st clue in the word search here”. I suspect that there are clue(s) among the many words printed in small font on the can.

What is the Mystery Flavour?

It has been a while since we last ate Pringles. The shape looks roughly familiar but these chips feel heavier than what we remember them to be. As for the taste, I don’t think we could identify a specific flavour from the samples we were provided with (perhaps Pringles can send us a few more so that we can be sure). We could get some clues by studying the tiny words but our eyesight is not good and we are too lazy to do that. And even if did, we would not be a spoiler and take the fun out of the game for our readers. All we could get a consensus on was that there is a hint of tomato in the taste.

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