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Eastpoint Mall is right next to the Simei MRT Station and there is a bus-stop right in front of the mall. There is a shuttle bus service to Changi General Hospital and St Andrew’s Community Hospital. The well connected suburban mall has varied food & beverage options for the ordinary patrons – from bubble tea and artisanal coffee to cuisines from Thailand, Pakistan and Korea. Now that the public is advised to take safe distancing seriously, and visit malls only for essential goods such as food, you may not want to wander around a mall looking for what to eat or buy. Our 2020 list of Eastpoint Mall food outlets may help you make your choice earlier and just zoom in to the restaurants and cafes where you can eat or buy for takeaway.

Eastpoint Mall Simei


McCafe Simei
McDonald's Eastpoint Simei

McDonald’s & McCafe occupy a standalone structure between the MRT Station and the main building of Eastpoint Mall. It has long opening hours.

6702 0605
Open From 6am to 12am (Sun – Thu); 6am to 1am (Fri, Sat & eve of PH)

Lor Duck

Lor Duck Menu
Lor Duck Promotion

Lor Duck is a casual dining place for Chinese food including the signature braised duck.

6702 0252
Open From 10am to 10pm

Sanook Kitchen

Sanook Kitchen in Eastpoint Mall
Sanook Kitchen Menu
Sanook Kitchen Menu

Sanook Kitchen offers a wide range of affordable Thai dishes. Read about our visit to Sanook Kitchen in Parkway.

6260 0515
Open From 11am to 10pm


Yayoi @ Eastpoint
Yayoi @ Eastpoint

Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant  has a wide selection of interesting items on their menu (see post on Yayoiken in Star Vista).

#01-13 Call
6443 2265
Open From 11am to 10pm

Eighteen Chefs

eighteen chefs
EighteenChefs @ Eastpoint Mall
Eighteen Chefs Weekday Lunch Set
Eastpoint Mall Eighteen Chefs Menu

Eighteen Chefs – with the vision of helping troubled youths and people with conviction backgrounds find alternative positive ways to reintegrate back into society – is one of the popular restaurants in Eastpoint Mall. Their unique menu allows patrons to customize some of their dishes.

6789 2852
Open From 11am to 10.30pm



Usman‘s seves Pakistani and North Indian food like Chicken Karahi, Tandoori, Saag Mutton, Briyani and Naan.



Buddy Hoagies

Buddy Hoagies
Buddy Hoagies Menu

Buddy Hoagies offers steaks and a wide variety of affordable western food, including pasta, rosti, pizza and grills.

6957 4810
Open From 11.30am to 10pm

Nandhana’s Restaurant

Nandhana's Authentic Indian Restaurant.

Nandhana’s Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant offering Tandoori, North Indian, South Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisines.

6962 8766
Open From 10am to 10pm

Four Leaves Cafe

Eastpoint Mall20
Four Leaves Cafe @ Eastpoint Mall
Four Leaves Cafe @ Eastpoint Mall

Four Leaves Cafe in Eastpoint Mall is a very pleasant open place to have a coffee with one of their an-pans or other breads and pastries. Their drinks are reasonably priced.

6694 8527
Open From 10am to 10pm


Sakura Menu

Sakura is a Thai Chinese restaurant.

6388 7414
Open From 10am to 10pm

Shabu Sai

Easpoint Mall01
Easpoint Mall03

Shabu Sai is n affordable Japanese buffet restaurant.

6636 3121
Open From 11.30am to 10pm

Deliz Cafe

Deliz Cafe

Deliz Cafe sells Middle Easter and Mexican food.



Eastpoint Mall66
Eastpoint Mall77

Umisushi serves not only affordable sushi for dine in or takeaway, but also other types of Japanese food.

6781 0038
From 10am to 10pm

Tori Q

Easpoint Mall63
Easpoint Mall79

Tori Q Japanese Yakitori also has a branch here. This one has quite a large dining area for patrons and is also a good place for takeaways.

6636 0952
Open From 11am to 9.30pm

Familiar Favourites

Many of the popular and familiar F&B outlets are in East Point Mall. We shall just show you photos of a number of them.

Toast Box and BreadTalk

Easpoint Mall25
Toastbox @ Eastpoint

Toast Box and BreadTalk – Toast Box has a large al fresco area and serves more than just toasts and coffee.

Toast Box & Bread Talk
6260 0371
Open From 7.30am to 9.30pm
(Bread Talk : 9am to 10pm)

Hanis Café & Bakery

Hanis @ Eastpoint
Hanis @ Eastpoint

Hanis – serving affordable local and western meals, pasta dishes and Hainanese signatures such as Chicken Curry and Chicken Stew.

6708 6773 Open
From 7am to 10pm

Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver's @ Eastpoint
Long John Silver's @ Eastpoint
Long John Silver's @ Eastpoint

Long John Silver’s – in addition to their fish meals, they have very affordable breakfast sets; and they open at 8 am.

6636 3195
Open From 8am to 10pm

MOS Burger

MOS Burger



KFC Simei Eastpoint

6443 7139
Open From 8am to 10pm 


Starbucks Simei Eastpoint
Starbucks Eastpoint

6443 9692
Open From 8am to 10pm (Mon – Thu, Sun); 8am to 11pm (Fri & Sat)

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks


Soul Green

Easpoint Mall46
Easpoint Mall47

Soul Green – healthy and nutritional fruits and juices.

6538 9938
Open From 10am to 10pm



6636 0893
Open From 11am to 10pm

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Eastpoint

6604 9213
Open From 11am to 10pm

Ah Khoo

Open From 7.30am to 9.30pm

Saizeriya Ristorante e Caffe

Easpoint Mall13
Easpoint Mall09

Saizeriya Ristorante e Caffe. This casual Italian restaurant serves affordable Western fare.

6604 8630
Open From 11am to 10pm


Yoshinoya Menu

6904 9720
Open From 10am to 10pm


Subway @ Eastpoint

6538 2994
Open From 8am to 10pm

85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodles

Easpoint Mall68
Easpoint Mall71

85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodles

Eng’s Wantan Noodle

Eng’s Wantan Noodle

6781 0373
Open From 10am to 9pm

Heavenly Wang

Eastpoint Mall - Heavenly Wang

Open From 7.30am to 9.30pm

Malaysia Boleh

No mall will be complete without a food court. Malaysia Boleh is an interesting food court offering a wide variety food that are purportedly from various famous stalls in Malaysia.

Malaysia Boleh
Malaysia Boleh Eastpoint Mall

Open From 10am to 10pm

Malaysia Boleh

Eastpoint Car Park Rates

Car park charges are reasonable at $1.20 per hour. Entrance to the car park is via Simei Street 6.

Parking First hour or part thereof – $1.20 Every subsequent 15 mins or part thereof – $0.30
Motorcycles All  hours (per entry) – $0.80 *Rates above are inclusive of GST

Eastpoint Mall Food Outlets

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