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Five Star Restaurant Drive-Through Takeaways

Five Star Restaurant is another place with drive-through pick up service. It is known for its Hainanese chicken rice but it offers a wide range of seafood and zhi char dishes. The restaurant with options for delivery and drive-through takeaways has outlets in East Coast, River Valley and Bukit Timah.

Five Star Restaurant Drive-Through & Takeaways

Previously known as Five Star Hainanese Kampung Chicken Rice, the eating house along East Coast Road shortened its name to Five Star Restaurant. The new name is less of a mouthful.

Menu of Five Star Restaurant East Coast

The new name also avoid giving the impression that it is just a chicken rice stall. While its chicken rice and chicken porridge remain popular, its extensive menu offers a variety of seafood, omelette, vegetables and many other zhi char dishes.

Below are pictures of selected pages of the menu of Five Star Restaurant at East Coast.

Five Star Online Order

Five Star Restaurant now allows online ordering. It has its own app, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

If you rather not download another app to your phone, you can still use your phone in the conventional way to make a call to place an order.

Five Star Restaurant Drive-Through & Takeaways

There is a menu on their website. When making online order, the ordering process takes you to a more limited menu. However, there is a line that says you can text them for “Any items you like, but can’t find them above?” – presumably for items on the main menu.

Currently, there is a delivery fee of $12 but the fee is waived for orders above $50.

Five Star Drive-Through Takeaways

We have dined at Five Star East Coast on a number of occasions. Recently, we took advantage of the convenience of its Drive-Through Takeaways service. We called to order Chicken Rice ($5.40), Hor Fun with Egg Gravy ($6.20) and Pork with Ginger & Onion ($13). GST would be added to the bill.

We were told our food would be ready for pick up in about 15 minutes. When we arrived and stopped by the kerbside restaurant, a staff handed over our food in a plastic bag and collected cash. All very efficient and with fairly minimal interaction.

Five Star Chicken Rice Drive-Through Takeaways

Five Star’s Hainainese chicken rice is one of our favourites. The kampong chicken is lean, tender and juicy. The rice is fragrant and tasty. The tangy chilli sauce is also good.

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice Drive-Through Takeaways
Five Star Hor Fun Takeaways

The hor fun in a plastic container did not look very appetizing but it was quite nice. The rice noodles were smooth and slippery and the egg gravy had a decent wok-hei.

The stir fried sliced pork with ginger and onion was like a nice home-cooked dish – simple, palatable and satisfying.

Five Star Restaurant Takeaway

Convenient & Affordable

Five Star Restaurant, with its Delivery and Drive-Through Takeaways options, offers easy access to a variety of food suitable for a solo diner or a big family. The prices are reasonable. When eating out is not possible, we begin to really appreciate convenient and affordable food options.

Five Star Restaurant
191 E Coast Road
Singapore 428897

Tel: +65 6344 5911

Takeaway & Drive Thru
Call respective outlet which you will be collecting your food from

7 Cheong Chin Nam Road (Bukit Timah) Tel: 6466 3000
419 River Valley Road Tel: 6235 6760
191 East Coast Road Tel: 6777 5555
WhatsApp only to 8668 7555 (order 1 day in advance, before 9pm)


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There is no standard normal. Normal is subjective. There are seven billion versions of normal on this planet. – Matt Haig

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