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Middle Eastern food takeaway from Pistachio

Taking a break from local and western food, we decided to have Middle Eastern food takeaway for lunch recently. Pistachio Grill is a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant on level 2 of Wheelock Place. It is a restaurant we had visited before.

Middle Eastern food takeaway from Pistachio

Like many other Singapore restaurants nowadays, Pistachio has an online ordering system. Customers can choose to pick up the food from the restaurant premises or have it delivered. Currently there is a minimum order of $30 for delivery. Free delivery is provided for orders above $90.

Pistachio Middle Eastern food Takeaway Menu

A full menu is available online at the Pistachio website. Some of the a la carte dishes are quite pricey and one can easily meet the free delivery target of $90. We were however in the mood only for a simple Middle Eastern food takeaway lunch. The bentos seem perfect for this purpose. Here is a picture of the bento choices. We selected Bento sets C and E and opted to pick them up because we were in the Orchard Road area. Besides, we did not meet the delivery amount.

Middle Eastern food takeaway bento set menu

Our Takeaway Bento Lunch

We were pleasantly surprised by how lovely the bentos look and the substantial size of the portions.

Middle Eastern food takeaway bento set lunch

Bento Set E

Bento Set E (Fish Sayadiya $14.80, picture below) a large piece of pan-seared sea bass was laid out on top of Arabic briyani rice; in the other two compartments were Mediterranean salsa, grilled eggplant, onion and tomato. It was an aromatic and tasty dish. The fish was perhaps a bit dry but during these COVID times, we were glad that it was thoroughly cooked. This is the way we like our food these days – with everything cooked 100%.

Middle Eastern food takeaway from Pistachio
Pistachio Bento Set E

Bento Set C

Bento Set C ($12.80, pictures below) was a more modestly priced dish but it was also a heavyweight. For this bento, grilled chicken seasoned with rosemary, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil was served on top of saffron rice. The other compartments contain Tahini salad, grilled eggplant, onion and tomato.

Like Bento Set E, this meal is likely to satisfy even a very hungry person. It also looks very attractive. The herbs and spices made us eat more of the rice and chicken than we would normally would. At the price of $12.80 we think this could be the best value takeaway dish we have tried (so far) during thie Singapore 2020 circuit breaker period.

Pistachio Restaurant
#02-04/05 Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road
Singapore 238880

Tel: +65 6262 6400

Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm


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Don't find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain. - Henry Ford  quote
Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain. – Henry Ford

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