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iSteak Delivery Food – Ribeye Steak and Baby Back Ribs

Since the start of the circuit breaker shutdown we have not been eating a lot of meat. We settled on a meaty lunch of steak and pork ribs by iSteak delivery ordered from Foodpanda. This meal can serve as a protein supplement after days of carbo-laden meals. Our order at iSteak Delivery Foodpanda was served by the iSteak Diner at Star Vista, Buona Vista.

iSteak Delivery Star Vista- Ribeye Steak and Baby Back Ribs

The iSteaks Star Vista restaurant has a small air-conditioned space and a large outdoor dining area. The indoor area is rather cramped. The outdoor space is nicer, assuming the weather is not too hot. It is a restaurant that focuses on affordable meat items in their menu. An alternative for Jack’s Place and Astons I suppose. They have four outlets in Singapore. The others are in MyVillage, Suntec City and Tampines Central.

iSteak Delivery Foodpanda - Ribeye Steak and Baby Back Ribs

iSteak Delivery Foodpanda Menu

Here are pictures of portions of the iSteak Delivery menu at Foodpanda. The meat items are served with two side items such as fries, vegetables etc. The degree of ‘doneness’ and sauce for steak can also be selected. These options are displayed when you start ordering. We decided on a NZ Ribeye ($20, with broccoli and mac & cheese as sides) and EU Baby Back Ribs ($19.50 with onion rings and eggplant as sides).

iSteak Delivery Foodpanda menu Star Vista

The Food

The food arrived in good condition with the items neatly contained in the compartmentalised containers. The delivery was punctual, arriving almost exactly at the time indicated in the order.

The 200g ribeye steak was a good size for us. Together with the generous portion of broccoli and macaroni and cheese, it was a dish that was too much for one person. The steak did have the rich taste of a premium piece of steak, but was reasonable for the price. It would have tasted better if we were at the restaurant and had it cooked to medium instead of the medium well that we asked for. We thought it was safe for a steak to be well cooked to survive the delivery, particularly if there was a delay. The mac & cheese was also not bad. The broccoli was good – cooked just right.

The baby back ribs provided more excitement. Eating ribs with hands and ripping the meat off the bone is a nice change from the types of food we had been eating of late. The portion of ribs is more than adequate for one person. Taste wise, it was mostly the flavour of the BBQ sauce. The pork itself was soft and tender. For sides we picked onion rings and garlic butter eggplant. We liked both of them.

iSteaks Diner @ The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #01-42/K3
Singapore 138617

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu & PH:  11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH:   11:00 am – 12:00 am

Nearby MRT Station: Buona Vista

iSteak Website

isteak Delivery FoodPanda website

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Let the stoics say what they please, we do not eat for the good of living, but because the meat is savory and the appetite is keen. - Ralph Waldo Emerson  quote
Let the stoics say what they please, we do not eat for the good of living, but because the meat is savory and the appetite is keen. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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