Little Greek Taverna Brisbane – casual BYO restaurant at West End

Little Greek Taverna Brisbane is a casual Greek restaurant in the West End suburb. From a distance it reminded us of zi char restaurants in Singapore. The packed tables in the small indoor, non-airconditioned space spills out onto the roadside pavement. The no-frills, good food and low price attitude at Little Greek Taverna is similar to that at the better zi char restaurants in Singapore.

Little Greek Taverna Brisbane

Little Greek Taverna Brisbane is situated in South Brisbane which is on the on the other side of the Brisbane River from Brisbane Central. There is a cluster of restaurants and shops at West End, a mostly residential area. It is about 15 minutes walk from the State Library of Queensland.

Little Greek Taverna Brisbane

The restaurant is very popular and reservations are recommended. It is a BYO restaurant with a reasonable corkage of $2.50 per person. But don’t expect any fancy wine service. Wine glasses are provided and bottles that need chilling are placed in plastic pails with ice. After that, it is self service.

We were there before the COVID shutdown earlier this year and it was a bustling, festive place. As at the time of this post, dine in has stopped but takeaways and delivery to nearby addresses are still possible.

Little Greek Taverna Brisbane Menu

This is a picture of the menu. A full version is available on the website (link below).

Little Greek Taverna Brisbane Menu
Little Greek Taverna Brisbane Squid

We tried a selection of seafood and meat dishes at Little Greek Taverna. The baby octopus ($16 picture above) was a nice plate of small octopus, cooked just right, it was very good. We were less enthusiastic about the fried sardines ($15, picture below) as they were full of bones and not easy to navigate. They were pan-fried and not deep fried so the bones were not brittle enough to be eaten.

The meat dishes were both very good. The pan-fried meat balls ($16, picture above) tasted wonderful with the Greek herbs. It was a generous portion as well. The Florinian lamb ($22) was another amazing dish. Stewed lamb in a sweet tomato sauce. It was tender and flavourful. This will be a dish that will make us return again to Little Greek Taverna Brisbane.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs

Little Greek Taverna Brisbane
​Shop 5, 1 Browning Street
West End QLD 4101

Tel: 07 3255 2215


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The more pride we have, the more other people’s pride irritates us. – C. S. Lewis

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