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Real Food Delivery – healthy vegetarian food at home

We decided to have a healthy vegetarian lunch at home and ordered food from Real Food Delivery. Real Food is a vegetarian cafe that serves food with “No processed ingredients, No Artificial Preservatives and No Trans-fat”.  

Real Food Delivery - healthy vegetarian food at home

Real Food has 2 outlets in Singapore – Orchard Central and Yishun. At the time of our order Real Food delivery was being done by the restaurant itself. Now it seems that delivery is done by Deliveroo. Our food arrived in plain paper boxes and bags. Very minimalist and Muji-like.

Lunch by Real Food Delivery

We had an assortment of food delivered to us. Other than the pizza, they all arrived in reasonably good condition. The Margherita pizza ($16, picture below) was soft, almost soggy by the time it reached us. The toppings of Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves, dried herbs and spices tasted good. This thin crust pizza is very delicate and would have benefited from a few minutes in the oven to stiffen up the crust.

Real Food Delivery Pizza

The Dumplings

The dumplings at Real Food are very good. They come in fried or steamed versions. We ordered both (each $10.80 for 8 pieces).

Real Food Delivery - healthy vegetarian dumplings
Fried Dumplings

As you can see, they must have been very hot when packed. That created quite a bit of condensation on the boxes. The fried dumplings suffered slightly because of this (but not as bad as the pizza). The steamed ones were fine with a bit of moisture. Both versions tasted great. They both had fillings made with an assortment of ingredients. But the earthy mushroon flavour was the most prominent. If you like a thick rich mushroom soup you will probably like these dumplings by Real Food delivery.

Steamed Dumplings

Stuffed Mushroom and Spring Rolls

Other than dumplings we also had Baked Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with Cheese ($11.80 picture below) and Fried Spring Rolls ($6). The two large Portobello mushrooms were stuffed with minced vegetables and covered with cheddar cheese. It is very good.

The spring rolls were quite substantial. They taste quite similar to the fried dumplings, with mushroom being the most obvious of the ingredients inside. It is possibly a better value for money dish as these two large spring rolls cost $6.

We were pleasantly surprised to receive two complimentary buns. One had fillings of Earl Grey and the other red beans.

181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
T: +65 6737 9516

30A Yishun Central 1
Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre
Singapore 768796
T: +65 9456 2370


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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. – Eleanor Roosevelt

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