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NUSS Guild House Takeaway (Kent Ridge)

Like other f & b places in Singapore, the restaurants in the NUSS Guild Houses have switched from dining-in to serving food takeaway. We tried out some food using the NUSS Guild House Takeaway (Kent Ridge) service recently. The experience was good. We like the way it is organised – an efficient and safe way to pickup food.

NUSS Guild House Takeaway (Kent Ridge)

There are currently three NUSS Guild Houses ; Kent Ridge, Suntec City and Mandalay. It is a pity that COVID happened so soon after the newest one at Mandalay opened in 2019. But the good thing is that these three locations are spread out at different parts of Singapore. Members of NUSS can now put their subscriptions to good use by ordering food from the various outlets. Picking up food from KRGH and MGH is done directly from their respective driveways. For Suntec, it is from the taxi stand at Towers 1 & 2.

NUSS Guild House Takeaway from KRGH

NUSS Guild House takeaway from KRGH can be ordered from the two restaurants there – Cafe on the Ridge and The Scholar. Cafe on the Ridge serves mainly Western and Local cuisine while Chinese restaurant classics are available from The Scholar. The menus are available online. Having had quite a bit of local and Chinese food recently, we decided to have some Western food this time. The $6 daily specials look tempting and we hope to try them soon. Here are pictures of some portions of the NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House Takeaway Online Menu.

NUSS Guild House Takeaway Kent Ridge menu.
NUSS Guild House Takeaway Kent Ridge menu

Our Lunch

We selected the Pan-seared Miso Salmon ($16) and Oxtail Stew ($14). The order was placed online, selected the pickup time and provided the car license plate number. The food collection process was one of the smoothest we have experienced so far. The moment we arrived, the attentive staff (who was obviously monitoring the driveway traffic) came out with the package and handed it to us. We did not have to leave the car or speak to anyone.

NUSS Guild House Takeaway (Kent Ridge)

The oxtail stew was very good. The meat was soft and the gravy was thick and rich. The mashed potato at the bottom goes so well with the meaty flavours. If only the pieces of oxtail had a better ratio of meat to bone, it would be a perfect dish.

NUSS Guild House Takeaway (Kent Ridge)
Oxtail stew

The pan-seared Miso Salmon was said to be served with broccoli, edamame, mushroom and pumpkin. The last three seemed to have been replaced by corn and carrot instead. Any crispiness in the skin was lost in the takeaway process, that is a compromise we can accept. It was not as delicioous as the oxtail but a nice healthy dish. A break from the carbo-laden food we have been eating recently.

NUSS Guild House Takeaway Online Order

Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

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Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas. – Marie Curie

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